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Apr 3, 2015 2:01 PM ET

Archived: Gourmet food for outdoor adventures – A nutrition / recipe book for all outdoor enthusiasts

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 3, 2015

The story of the project

I know the video is lame. But it is not about the video, it is about the contents.. Please read on.


With your help, I am going to publish a nutrition / recipe book for all outdoor enthusiasts (anyone that puts on a back pack and spends a few days out in the wilderness). The food you take away with you needs to be nutritionally balanced with a high energy count to keep you going, lightweight for the backpack, easy to prepare and taste great.
My book is called Xtreme Gourmet, High energy, lightweight recipes for the outdoor enthusiast. This book is designed for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors; from weekend wanderers to extreme sports enthusiasts (anyone who, hikes, tramps, bushwalking, camping, canyoning, back country skiing, alpine touring, mountaineering, trail bike riding, etc).

This book provides a whole heap of nutritional advice and recipes according to the high energy demands you body will need. Energy is the most important necessity when considering food for any sports or outdoor expedition. All ingredients used in these recipes are cheap and easy to find with basic pantry items available from supermarkets, health food stores, Asian grocers or your own dehydrated stash.

Each recipe contains the raw ingredients weight so you know how much you will be carrying, a nutritional panel so you know how much energy you are eating and a cooking time so you know how long each recipe will take to cook. They have all been tried and tested, and they all taste great, no more bland meals or the same dish over again because you don’t know what food to pack on your adventure.. There are about 70 recipes to choose from and the book is 165 pages long and an A4 size. This book is designed for you to read the nutritional advice and prepare your food at home before you go.

Pizza, yes you can cook this (the recipe is in the book!),,
(I had it on night 7 during a 14 day hike. it is easy…

Also, I want to help protect the environment. So from each copy sold (ebook or paperback), I will donate to charities that protect the environment. I already donate to two but if you have any suggestions, please contact me.

The book is all ready to go; I just need the money to get it published and printed for you to enjoy. I can help you with food ideas for multi day adventures and lots of helpful advice, (and make a contribution to saving the environment) if you can help me get it to you!. You will also get your name in the book too as a very big thank you for your help..

By the way, I wrote this recipe book as I love food and the great outdoors and I know a bit about food. I have a degree in Food Science and I am a qualified Chef. I want to share all my ideas with you, and to make the food on your next adventure a little bit gourmet!.. With a copy of this book, you know your meals on your next trip will be healthy, hearty and tasty (soul food..), you will be the envy of every camp ground. See you out there.


How the funds will be used

Printing with FSC paper, ISBN registration and delivery of the book $9000 for 1000 copies
Webpage $500 as I can’t do this myself
Ebook publishing costs $500
If I raise funds over my target I will also get a recipe app for your mobile phone
Total funds needed $10, 000

Some of my other work

Wildwalks is a free, online bushwalking and camping guidebook. Every 2 months they release a free bushwalk Emag for all those keen bushwalkers out there. Since August 2014 I have supplied some recipes for this Emag. Subscribe to the Emag and check them out. The articles I have written are called Winter Warmers (August 2014 edition), Lunch in High Places (October 2014 edition), Non-Cook Meals for Summer (December 2014 edition) and It’s in the bag (February 2015 edition). The latest edition is called A sweet ending (April 2015 edition).http://www.wildwalks.com/(Download the Free Bushwalk Australia Emag).


The biggest challenge will be convincing people to buy the book before seeing it, thus raising enough money to make this crowd funding project a success. Then when the shipment of books comes through the challenge will be signing the copies for you and posting them out, but that will be the fun part.My other challenge is to get the webpage up and running to advertise my book, and as I said if I get enough I will get a recipe app made up too. I do not know enough about computers or building web pages; I tried it and found it beyond my capabilities, so I have to pay someone out there to do it for me (anyone willing?).Selling the book in the real world will be challenging. Once my idea has evolved into an actual book, I have a few good camping stores in Jindabyne and Katoomba willing to stock it. I will also be advertising the book through social media, email to all my friends, family and contacts I have made when out on the trails. Also I will advertise through the Wild-walks emag when I submit my recipes.

Project Team

Sonya Muhlsimmer

Sydney, AU Message 

Facebook linked as Sonya Muhlsimmer

I am a Food Scientist and a qualified chef. I love food and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Some of my previous holidays and challenges have included; Wild Endurance 100k challenge (to raise money for the environment), The Bloody Long Walk 35k challenge (to raise money for Mitochondria disease), a 10 day, 140 kilometre hike from Kiandra to Thredbo, a 7 day back country skiing trip in Kosciusko National Park, a 5 day hike in the Victorian Alps reaching Mt Bogong, a 14 day, 150 kilometre hike in Tasmania (The South Coast Track and The Port Davey Track combined, carrying all the gear with no food drop). Also, mountaineering adventures in Mt Cook and Arthurs Pass mountain range, New Zealand etc.

Contact Information:

Sonya Muhlsimmer

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