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Archived: LIVE: A survival guide for transgenders & their families & friends

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LIVE: A survival guide for transgenders

by Ryanne Simpkins

41% percent of transgenders have attempted suicide. As a transgender female, this book is my combat against these statistics.

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According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law 41% of transgenders have attempted suicide; which is 9% higher than the national average! LIVE: A survival guide for transgenders is designed to eliminate those statistics by being a major resource and comfort for the transgender person who is struggling in their current state. It is also a valuable resource for families and loved ones that want a better understanding of a transgenders mind.

Ryanne Simpkins is a first time author and has been living as transgender female since the age of 13. The majority of Ryanne’s life has been subjected to physical and verbal abuse, loneliness, discrimination, depression, drug & alcohol abuse and even death.   Despite all obstacles Ryanne survived and found peace in Her faith in Jesus Christ and life’s mission to prevent as many transgender deaths as possible. This is the first step!

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LIVE: A survival guide for transgenders will be released digitally as an eBook as well as 6 X 9 hard copies, printed on 50 pound premium high grade paper.  Initially, we hope to print 5,000 hard copies. This project has managed to raise $3k worth of donations, we hope to raise  $35,000 to cover the remaining cost associated with this project: printing*, editing, eBook design & formatting, legal, web maintenance, hiring a booking agent (for major book store placement and libraries) and additional marketing cost.

For the transgenders who have not transitioned and living secretively in constant fear of family rejection and community disapproval, this book offers comfort tools and methods on how not to overcome during that difficult time.

The transitioning process for most is the most difficult and prevalent time support is needed.  LIVE: A survival guide for transgenders shines light into an often dark, isolated and lonely world.  How do I overcome the ridicule and verbal abuse from peers and family? How do I find support?  My parents are isolating me what do I do? These are the type of questions answered for readers.

Life for the transgender person is always going to be filled with strangers making comments, people staring, and new friends saying sorry for accidentally saying “she” or “he”.  Amongst all, some may still feel empty or alone and confused about the direction of their lives.  This is a critical time, I have known some transgenders to LIVE amazing and awesome lives and yet others; because of the rejection and abuse just exist.  Constantly disrespecting their bodies, minds and spirits: with drugs, prostitution, and other negative avenues.  Life is way more then simply existing day to day but; is about living and thriving!

For family and friends watching a loved one go through the personal struggle of coming to terms with their situation, can be just as stressful and confusing.  This topic may need a separate book:) but for now LIVE: A survival guide for transgenders briefly addresses some questions a family member or friend may be wondering.

You might have no connection to a transgender person and would just like to learn more.  This book is a great resource for the interested reader.

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Design May Change*
Design May Change*

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Risks and challenges

Risk and Challenges

There are not many risks involved in this project. If we are unsuccessful in reaching our goal of $35,000 you will not be charged. If we do reach our goal of $35,000 printing and eBook copies will commence by 2015 and lives will be touched. Project LIVE’s small group of supporters keep consistent updates on this project official website www.projectlivebook.com

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