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Apr 2, 2015 6:04 PM ET

Archived: Crowdfunding: Grow up and behave like you deserve an investment

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 2, 2015

By Hector Botero (President & CEO at iCrowdNewswire, LLC)


In crowdfunding the winners will be those that behave in a way that communicates confidence, trust and credibility. Looking at stories in our crowdfunding news service today I decided to search the principals leading campaigns on various platforms, I was interested to see more about who is launching these campaigns. Why did I ask? Of 15 names searched on LinkedIn 10 where nowhere to be found? I thought really, you are fundraising and a simple search on the leading global executive network does not quickly throw out a powerful profile? Sure, who do I make the check to again?

But then again this is why I am in this business – because there is a ton of opportunity. As crowdfunding grows and matures, only those that behave in certain more established ways and communicate effectively with investors, media and the markets will win.


OBS: Story originally featured in LinedIn Pulse


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