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SIMSITE® DOUBLE SUCTION IMPELLERS ImpellerStore is able to do this because our Simsite® Impellers are not cast or molded. Rather, Simsite® Impellers are machined on the outside as well as the inside on 5 to 8 axis machining centers.Simsite® Structural Composite Double Suction Impellers are Superior to Metallic Impellers because they are engineered to eliminate corrosion, erosion, vortexing, and cavitation problems that are inherent in metallic pump impellers! Because our. Read More>>

Carbon Fiber Composite Impellers & Casing Rings that Never Corrode in Seawater and Wastewater

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Key Reasons to Choose SIMSITE® Impellers and Casing Rings SIMSITE® products DO NOT corrode in Seawater and many other fluids; therefore, the efficiency and performance of the SIMSITE® Impeller & Casing Rings will not deteriorate over time. When the metallic pump parts begin to wear from corrosion, efficiency and performance drop drastically. This drop in efficiency and performance not only has a significant impact on energy consumption but also increases the cost of maintenance.. Read More>>

SIMSITE® Impellers And Rings Never Corrode in Seawater, or Wastewater, and will Outlast And Outperform ALL Others!

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What is SIMSITE®? SIMSITE® is a patented structural composite material. More specifically, it is a graphite fiber reinforced composite with a hybrid phenolic- epoxy resin system offered exclusively by the SIMS Pump Valve Company. The structural design of SIMSITE® is unique. Fibers are continuously interwoven in a tri-directional weave. The reinforcing fibers are all continuous for higher strength and flexibility. As a heavy-duty structural composite, its characteristics can be changed. Read More>>

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