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July is Fuel Safety Month

Press Release
MIAMI, OKLA. – Following the Colonial Pipeline closure earlier this year, a great deal of attention was focused on how not to transport gasoline and other fuels. During Fuel Safety Month in July, experts at Scepter® provide insights on how to safely use approved fuel containers for gasoline, diesel and kerosene fuels. “During the gas shortage we saw people using everything from milk jugs to soda bottles to plastic bags. Read More>>

Don’t Panic: How to Save Gasoline Safely

Press Release
MIAMI, OKLA. – In the past few days since the Colonial Pipeline closure, some people have saved gasoline in the worst ways ever. From filling water bottles to plastic bags to children’s sand buckets, consumers have been seen unsafely trying to stock up on gasoline. Experts at Scepter® encourage people to stop filling unsafe items with fuel and to invest in rugged, safe fuel containers. “Safety should always be the. Read More>>

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