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Why SIMSITE® products are superior in wastewater

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  Metallic products corrode very quickly in wastewater. Also, many wastewater impellers are large, very heavy, unbalanced an often designed with “overhung” impellers. SIMSITE® Pumps, Impellers, and Pump Internals do not corrode in Wastewater and they also do not corrode in Sodium Hypochlorite! SIMSITE® Impellers & Rings are lightweight, only 15% the weight of metal, perfectly balanced (both mechanically and hydraulically) and they remain balanced for the life of the. Read More>>

Tips for Repairing and Upgrading Pumps

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Most pump repairs and upgrades will address specific repair, performance, or maintenance issues, but they should also include longevity, reliability, and efficiency improvements. If the pump you are thinking about repairing is not ready for replacement, it makes sense to upgrade the pump internals to extend the pump life, reliability and efficiency.   Pump internal upgrades help to avoid costly expenses, as well as unexpected downtime. 1.) Use High Quality Parts. Read More>>

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