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OptiPulse Announces the Sale of 6G modules for Product Developers.

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Albuquerque NM April 20, 2021- OptiPulse has discovered a new light source that sends invisible eye-safe photons wirelessly from one building or pole to another at 10Gbps with its 3rd prototype.  The invisible light source is a miniature chip that sends wireless data much faster than current Radio Frequency (RF) 5G emitters.  OptiPulse can produce it in large volumes and has tested error-free at 25Gbps. Which means the Light is. Read More>>

Optical Networking Equipment Market for 5G: Global & Regional 2020-2029

Press Release
Vital new ‘Covid-19 era’ report released by Engalco-Research on July 7, 2020: Optical networking is already critically important for backhaul and fronthaul in all of the strongly expanding 5G architectures. Maximum transmission bit rates are typically in the 10 G through 400 G range and already 800 G has gained some ground. In response to these dynamic trends Engalco-Research has released a new report with recently researched data taking into. Read More>>

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