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SIMSITE® DOUBLE SUCTION IMPELLERS ImpellerStore is able to do this because our Simsite® Impellers are not cast or molded. Rather, Simsite® Impellers are machined on the outside as well as the inside on 5 to 8 axis machining centers.Simsite® Structural Composite Double Suction Impellers are Superior to Metallic Impellers because they are engineered to eliminate corrosion, erosion, vortexing, and cavitation problems that are inherent in metallic pump impellers! Because our. Read More>>

Why SIMSITE® products are superior in wastewater

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  Metallic products corrode very quickly in wastewater. Also, many wastewater impellers are large, very heavy, unbalanced an often designed with “overhung” impellers. SIMSITE® Pumps, Impellers, and Pump Internals do not corrode in Wastewater and they also do not corrode in Sodium Hypochlorite! SIMSITE® Impellers & Rings are lightweight, only 15% the weight of metal, perfectly balanced (both mechanically and hydraulically) and they remain balanced for the life of the. Read More>>

Helios IP Announces Renewals+ Global IP Payments Solution

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Tampa, September 15, 2021.  Helios IP, the innovative SaaS solution for intellectual property management, today announced the launch of Renewals+.  The new solution provides cost-effective global IP payments, with access to a full-capability portfolio database. Where traditional providers offer only limited online systems, the Renewals+ platform includes full bibliographic data, categorization, emails, documents, reports, and dashboards. “Renewal payments are a critical process for IP owners yet remain a complicated and. Read More>>

Carbon Fiber Composite Impellers & Casing Rings that Never Corrode in Seawater and Wastewater

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Key Reasons to Choose SIMSITE® Impellers and Casing Rings SIMSITE® products DO NOT corrode in Seawater and many other fluids; therefore, the efficiency and performance of the SIMSITE® Impeller & Casing Rings will not deteriorate over time. When the metallic pump parts begin to wear from corrosion, efficiency and performance drop drastically. This drop in efficiency and performance not only has a significant impact on energy consumption but also increases the cost of maintenance.. Read More>>


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USE THE BEST LINE SHAFT BUSHINGS (GUIDE BEARINGS) FOR PUMP AND ROTATING ELEMENT APPLICATIONS - SIMSITE® SIMSITE® Structural Composite Line Shaft Bushings (Guide Bearings) can extend the life of your equipment and save the equipment from significant damage. SIMSITE® Composite Guide Bearings and Line Shaft Bushings outlast and outperform bronze, rubber, thermoplastic, engineered thermoplastic, rubber, telfon, and elastomer bearings! They are uniquely different from any other line shaft bushings because. Read More>>

SIMSITE® Impellers And Rings Never Corrode in Seawater, or Wastewater, and will Outlast And Outperform ALL Others!

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What is SIMSITE®? SIMSITE® is a patented structural composite material. More specifically, it is a graphite fiber reinforced composite with a hybrid phenolic- epoxy resin system offered exclusively by the SIMS Pump Valve Company. The structural design of SIMSITE® is unique. Fibers are continuously interwoven in a tri-directional weave. The reinforcing fibers are all continuous for higher strength and flexibility. As a heavy-duty structural composite, its characteristics can be changed. Read More>>


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  Pump Vibration and Shaft Deflection of any Rotating Element is directly proportional to the diameter and length of the shaft, (L/D) the position of the impeller on the shaft (overhung or centered), mechanical and hydraulic balance of the impeller, and where the pump is operating on the pump curve. If the pump is not operating at the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) it is subject to recirculation cavitation and high. Read More>>

Tips for Repairing and Upgrading Pumps

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Most pump repairs and upgrades will address specific repair, performance, or maintenance issues, but they should also include longevity, reliability, and efficiency improvements. If the pump you are thinking about repairing is not ready for replacement, it makes sense to upgrade the pump internals to extend the pump life, reliability and efficiency.   Pump internal upgrades help to avoid costly expenses, as well as unexpected downtime. 1.) Use High Quality Parts. Read More>>

Will Aerospace Maintenance Chemicals Market carry its growth momentum post COVID-19? Read more to know.

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The Aerospace Maintenance Chemicals Market is expected to grow at CAGR of 3.2% during 2021-2026, according to a report from Stratview Research. COVID-19 pandemic – Boon or a Curse to the industry? The outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted several industries across the world. Tough government measures such as lockdown of major economies, has pressed the ‘pause button’ for most of the industries. For most of the industries, the revenue. Read More>>

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