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Transformation is no longer radical, but essential. LAWIT LEGAL SUMMIT Oct 19-30

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Learn about the Digital Transformation of the Legal Industry - and gain a key competitive advantage - The LAWIT LEGAL SUMMIT (Legal Vision 2020) brings together legal industry experts who are leading the transformation of the Business of Law, to present the latest disruption trends and provide guidance on the opportunities and challenges ahead. We invite you to reset, rethink, and rebuild the path forward for Lawyers. This will be. Read More>>

Learn about the Digital Transformation of the Legal Industry – LAWIT LEGAL SUMMIT (Oct 19-30) -A virtual experience-

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As a Lawyer in today´s disrupted reality, you must be digitally literate when dealing with the Business of Law. Learn about the Digital Transformation of the Legal Industry and gain a competitive advantage. The #LAWITLEGALSUMMIT (Legal Vision 2020) brings together 30 international legal industry experts, who are leading the tech-driven transformation of the legal industry, to present the latest legal trends, and provide actionable advice on the opportunities ahead. BE. Read More>>

Lawyers gaining a competitive advantage through Digital Transformation / LEGAL VISION 2020 / LAWIT LEGAL SUMMIT

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Who will lead in the new normal? REFRESH - RECHARGE & REIGNITE YOUR LEGAL PRACTICE Is legal industry innovation being approached as a quick fix or a systemic change? Is the industry really transforming or is it stoically defending its status quo? What exactly is being innovated or transformed? Who is driving the change and why? Let this be the catalysts to make smart changes to the way you operate.. Read More>>

Knight Law Group, LLP Brings New Volkswagen Fraud Suit Following The “Dirty Diesel” Scandal

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LOS ANGELES, Volkswagen (VW) consumers are bringing suit against VW for its newest scheme, an attempt to recoup lost profits as a result of the "dirty diesel" fraud scandal. Plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages for Volkswagen's intentional misrepresentation and failure to comply with its obligations under the Song-Beverly Act. In May 2014, a study first revealed a discrepancy between the actual nitrous oxide emissions of Volkswagen's diesel engines and the reported emissions.. Read More>>

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