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Gomi Portable Chargers – sustainable tech products, powered by repurposed waste batteries and handmade from ‘non-recyclable’ plastic waste

Press Release
Brighton-based sustainable design studio Gomi has created an environmentally-friendly 12,000mAh Portable Charger made from 100% non-recyclable plastic waste, with 100% of the power coming from repurposed batteries saved from otherwise going to landfill. The design studio originally won £10,000 from the Environment Now Programme to kickstart the project in January 2018, and went on to gain global media coverage with their first sustainable innovation; the Gomi Speakers. Now, their aim. Read More>>

Nuud Turn Their Sustainable Tubes Into Sticks

Press Release
Nuud, the Dutch direct-to-consumer scale-up,  will launch its Kickstarter campaign on the 7th April 2020, lasting for one month. The nuud Kickstarter will offer early adopters the chance to be involved in the new product development of nuud’s applicator cap - an innovation set to transform nuud anti-odorant tubes into a more familiar ‘stick’ format without the disadvantages of regular sticks (a lot of plastic and one-time use).  The company,. Read More>>

DigitAize Allows String Players To Combine Analog And Digital Music-making With Its Innovative New Digital Modul

Press Release
Austrian music tech start-up NIMIKRY have launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce DigitAize - an innovative new digital module which allows players of string instruments to blur the lines between the worlds of classical and electronic music.   DigitAize gives string players the flexibility and limitless options of digital sound manipulation, while maintaining the feel and sound quality of an acoustic instrument. Using a combination of digital and analog signal. Read More>>

Tooth – The Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Toothbrush

Press Release
  Eco Tooth are pleased to announce the launch of our Kickstarter crowdfundingcampaign for Tooth; the first eco-friendly toothbrush with a changeable biodegradablehead that is delivered to your door. Tooth's handle is made from 100% recycled aluminum, the replaceable head isbiodegradable, and all the packaging is recyclable. Through thorough, intensiveresearch and a series of the survey, it became clear for us to reconsider all the currentfunctionalities of the everyday toothbrush.. Read More>>

New Movements Launches Sustainable Premium Sneaker Line On Kickstarter

Press Release
New Movements, a Norwegian-based sustainable-driven fashion brand, have launched their new line of premium sneakers on Kickstarter. Every pair of sneakers embodies circular Scandinavian minimalist design, coupled with premium recycled materials, designed and manufactured in Europe. Each sole contains recycled rubber and each pair of laces contains recycled plastic bottles. Each purchased pair will include an ocean cleanup action equivalent to 200 plastic bottles. New Movements, the sneaker brand founded. Read More>>

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