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What’s Your Story? Our authors have told theirs … Are You Ready?

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In 2020 Writers Publishing House celebrated over a decade of assisting our authors. Since the dawn of time, humans have sought to leave their mark on the world.   MAKING AUTHORS GREAT SINCE 2007 It started with cave painting, to scrolls in the middle ages, and digital books in the modern era. We believe everyone has a story to offer the world. Are you ready to leave your mark on. Read More>>

Emerging Market for Vehicle Data: Vehicle Owners will Provide as well as Subscribe to Data

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Data standardization is one of the most important issues. The data logs are different for every vehicles. For instance, a few manufacturers provide fuel related information in gallons, while others provide it in liters. Thus, it is important to bring normalcy to the data. In addition compliance and privacy should also be maintained. Data is the new oil and it is the king when it comes to the future of mobility.. Read More>>

Remote Workers: Beware Security Breaches

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Remote work is growing at an incredible pace. A recent analysis notes that telecommuting has increased by 44 percent in the past five years, and nearly 5 million people in the United States now work remotely. As many employers struggle with a shortage of workers to fill highly skilled positions, the tolerance for telecommuting for at least some of the workweek has continued to skyrocket. Workers appreciate the flexibility of working remotely,. Read More>>

Why NY State Corporations Need To Pay Attention To The SHIELD Act

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New York's SHIELD Act passed in July 2019 and it affects the way companies deal with the personal data of any New York resident. Do you comply?     What is New York's SHIELD Act and how does it affect your business?   That's a question that all businesses should answer — even if your business isn't located in New York. If you do business with residents of the state. Read More>>

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