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The automotive industry is making driving cars far more sustainable. But can it do the same for the way parts are moved?

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While the industry moves to producing more efficient and sustainable electrified vehicles, there is still a lot to do to reduce waste in the automotive supply chain. Moving to reusable, pooled packaging makes it more sustainable and more efficient, with less risk and less waste. Customers, investors, and legislators are increasingly demanding that automotive companies respond to the urgent challenge of global climate change. It’s estimated that 75% of the. Read More>>

Why moving automotive parts across continents in one-way packaging isn’t sustainable

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Changes in the global automotive industry are showing how CHEP reusable containers are more environmentally, operationally, and economically sustainable than cardboard. The automotive industry is going through rapid change. The move towards electrification – driven by environmental regulations and consumer concerns – means many completely different components will be needed. Alongside the disruption caused by the pandemic, this is forcing a huge shift in supply chains across the world and. Read More>>

How automotive supply chains become more resilient by sharing risk.

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CHEP’s share & reuse global pool is helping manufacturers and suppliers stay competitive in a disruptive world by giving them more flexibility with less risk. [caption id="attachment_2822139" align="aligncenter" width="1197"] Highway as it passes through Donostia[/caption] Automotive supply chains are among the most complex on earth, with each vehicle containing up to 20,000 parts originating from thousands of different suppliers located in different parts of the world. These supply chains are. Read More>>

Zusammenführung Ist es an der Zeit, das Teilen von Verpackungsmaterial in der Automobilindustrie noch einmal zu überdenken?

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Teilen. Ist ein natürlicher menschlicher Instinkt. Denn wenn wir zusammenarbeiten, gewinnt jeder von uns. Fünf Jahre sind schon vergangen, seit Sergio Marchionne, damals Chief Executive bei Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, einen Vortrag zum Thema „Confessions of a Capital Junkie“ hielt. Er argumentierte, dass Automobilhersteller zusammenkommen sollten, um die steigenden Kosten für die Entwicklung grünerer Autos und neuer Technologien (selbstfahrende Autos) gemeinsam zu finanzieren. Die Reaktion war eher verhalten – vermutlich auch,. Read More>>

Konsolidacja Czy to już właściwy moment na ponowne rozważenie? zagadnienia? współdzielenie w branży motoryzacyjnej?

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Współdzielenie to część naturalnego ludzkiego instynktu.  Podświadomie wiemy, że wspólna praca jest opłacalna. Co ciekawe, już pięć lat temu Sergio Marchionne, ówczesny dyrektor generalny Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, wygłosił prezentację zatytułowaną „Wyznania uzależnionego od kapitału” (Confessions of a Capital Junkie). Przekonywał, że producenci samochodów powinni wspólnie uczestniczyć w finansowaniu rosnących kosztów rozwoju bardziej ekologicznych samochodów, a także nowych technologii, takich jak pojazdy autonomiczne. Branża zareagowała konsternacją – być może ze względu. Read More>>

Serait-il venu le moment d’envisager le partage au sein du secteur automobile?

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Partager, c’est un instinct humain naturel car nous savons qu’en collaborant, nous créerons un monde meilleur pour tous. Incroyable mais vrai, cela fait déjà cinq ans que Sergio Marchionne, alors Directeur général de Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a fait sa présentation intitulée « Confessions d’un capital junkie ». Il a argumenté que les constructeurs automobiles devraient s’unir pour financer les coûts de développement croissants des voitures vertes et des nouvelles technologies telles que. Read More>>

CHEP: Taking CapEx out of the automotive supply chain is now more important than ever.

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With growing uncertainty about the future, moving to CHEP share & reuse means less non-core CapEx and more economic – as well as environmental – sustainability. COLGNE, Germany 17/11/20 -  The automotive industry was already under enormous pressure: the push for electrification, increasing sustainability legislation, Brexit, and social movements away from car ownership. Now the Covid pandemic has created even more disruption and uncertainty. Most manufacturers and component suppliers were. Read More>>

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