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iCrowdNewswire Apr 15, 2015 10:15 AM ET

Shellfire Box - VPN Evolution: A Tiny Box That Safely Connects ALL Your Devices To Our VPN Network

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 15, 2015

Shellfire Box – VPN Evolution

A Tiny Box That Safely Connects ALL Your Devices To Our VPN Network

Introducing Shellfire

We believe, that a free and secure access to the internet is a fundamental right for every single person on this planet. That’s why we created Shellfire VPN, an easy to use app that safely connects your Windows, Mac OS or Android device to our encrypted vpn network with just a few clicks. We have already helped more than 150,000 users worldwide secure their data and overcome censorship.

Why Is That Not Enough?

If you own many devices, securing all of them can get annoying and most “smart” devices don’t even offer the possibility to establish a safe vpn connection, leaving your data exposed. That’s why, many of our users have asked us for a simple solution to secure all their devices at once.

Thinking Outside the Box

In an attempt to provide these people with a good solution, we came up with the idea of the Shellfire Box, a tiny box that safely connects all your devices at once to our worldwide vpn network in a matter of seconds:


Unlimited Connectivity

With the Shellfire Box, you can easily secure all your devices, even those that don’t offer any vpn capabilities (smart tvs, gaming consoles, bluray players, set top boxes etc. ). This allows you to access blocked content and surf safely, no matter where in the world you are located.

Be Anywhere, Anytime

We have been providing vpn tunnels for 5 years. During that time, we built a world-wide network of servers in 20 countries which allows you to virtually travel almost anywhere in the world within seconds and access content that is restricted to certain countries like websites, tv shows and youtube videos. The Shellfire Box reliably hides your true location and ip address from anyone on the web!

Plug And Play

One big difference between the Shellfire Box and other products is that we are designing it for the average user that does not know much about online security and encryption. Once connected to the internet, it will configure and connect itself automatically, meaning it requires absolutely zero expert knowledge! An easy-to-use web interface will allow you to switch your vpn server anytime. But if you’re a true nerd, don’t worry, you’re also invited to the party! Just switch to the advanced interface and you have the full power of linux network tools at your hands!

No Tricks

Like all our client-side software, the firmware of the Shellfire Box will be published as open source and vpn connections are established using OpenVPN.

What Do I Get?

Attention! Add $10 for shipping outside the EU or Switzerland! Prices are shown in US Dollar.


Who are you?

We are Florian and Max. Together, we have been running Shellfire for more than 12 years, providing different hosting services to the public.


Why are you doing this?

Because we believe that the internet should be a place of freedom while remaining a safe place for private data.

Do I need a Shellfire VPN subscription in order to use the Shellfire Box?

The Shellfire Box comes with a 1 or 2 year subscription, depending on your order (except if you choose the “Returning Customer” perk). However, the box will not become useless if you don’t choose to extend your subscription after that period, you will simply be switched to our free vpn service, providing you with a limited download speed and server choice.

Is there a way to use Shellfire VPN without the Shellfire Box?

Of course! Visit to download our free and easy to use apps for Windows, Mac OS and Android devices! Other devices running iOS, Linux etc. are also supported via 3rd party apps or by using OS-integrated vpn capabilities.

How is the Shellfire Box different from products like anonabox, invizbox etc.?

The Shellfire Box uses vpn (virtual private network) technology, establishing a fast connection to one of our vpn servers. Contrary to other vpn routers, the Shellfire  Box comes pre-configured and setting it up requires absolutely zero nerdy expert knowledge! :) Most similar products use the Tor network instead of vpn. While Tor is a great way to protect your privacy, connections are often painfully slow and it is not easily possible to unblock restricted content that is only available in certain countries.

How can I change the settings of the Shellfire Box?

The Box comes pre-configured and will be immediately ready for use after plugging it in. If you want to switch to another vpn server, just log in to our easy to use web-interface with your browser. For further settings (e.g. for fixed ip networks), an advanced interface will also be available.

When will I get my Shellfire Box?

We will only be able to build it if we reach our funding goal. If this happens, we are targeting a release date in August 2015.

What are the specs?

The Shellfire Box is based on Nexx WT3020 router hardware and will run a modified openwrt OS.

Which vpn technology will the Shellfire Box be using?

We will be using OpenVPN with AES encryption, widely considered as one of the safest technologies around.

What download speeds should I expect?

We are still optimizing. Currently, we are reaching around 13 Mbit/s under perfect conditions. This is largely enough for streaming videos. We are still working on improving this figure but don’t expect 50 Mbit/s, as encryption is pretty hardware intensive.

Are there more pictures/videos/details?

Check back here regularly as we will be releasing updates soon! Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to be the first ones to know when new stuff is available!

How can I help the Shellfire Box become reality?

In order to support us, tweet and share this campaign on facebook or Google Plus! Also, obviously, the best support you can give us is by becoming a backer.

Have more questions or a feature request? Let us know in the comments or via !

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