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7 Reasons to Choose Casement Windows for Your Home

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 23, 2021  4:34 PM ET

Would you like to install secure ventilated windows that fit any interior? Then, casement windows are the perfect solution for you.

The Definition of a Casement Window

Casement windows are windows that are fixed employing one or more hinges on the side. Their design allows opening them to 90 degrees. The folding handle allows you to install windows in hard-to-reach and narrow places.

The Main Benefits

There are 7 reasons for you to choose a casement window:

  1.  Protection from external factors. A casement window has a tighter seal than other types of windows. Thus, it provides maximum protection from dust, wind, and moisture.
  2.  Maximum ventilation. The window design allows you to open it at an angle of 90 degrees. Find the right angle for perfect ventilation of your room.
  3.  Convenient cleansing. The fastening of the window gives access to its outside. This makes it easy to clean it on both sides. This is a particularly useful feature for multi-story buildings.
  4.  Stylish look. Casement windows fit easily into any interior. You can choose the color of the frame and fittings yourself.
  5.  Energy-saving. Casement windows are hermetically sealed when closed. This makes them some of the most energy-efficient.
  6.  Wide view. The structure of casement windows allows for a narrower frame to be inserted. This leaves more open space for view and sunlight.
  7.  Security. Casement windows provide excellent burglary protection. The inner handle creates more obstacles for breaking the window from the outside.

Moreover, casement windows are affordable. You can choose your own vinyl trim, jamb, and brickmold. If you want to calculate the cost of your casement window, contact Vinyl Light. It is a company with 35 years of experience that has already designed over 10,000 windows. Contact by phone, email, or the form on the website to find the perfect window solution for you!


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