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Should You Buy A Honda HR-V In The Philippines For The Dynamic 2021

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 18, 2021  11:56 AM ET

Overview Of Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V, which means Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle, is the subcompact model for the local market from Honda Philippines. As its name, the HR-V is the car for anyone who wants a safe vehicle to have confidence when driving it. Honda HR-V is well-known with a new design that gives the driver a comfortless and rigid feeling, excellent road visibility, and full safety features. 

Honda HR-V

Looking at the outside, Honda HR-V has a sturdy and robust design. With 17-inch alloy wheels, a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) of Earth Dreams Technology, and an 18-liter engine for a maximum capacity of 141 horsepower, this car can deliver good driving performance. Besides, the lighting system is unified as it integrates daylight and LED headlights. 

Though the car size is compact, Honda HR-V also has large cargo space, and the seats are long and tall. So you can rest assured when you want to bring extra commodities.

Now, keep reading to decide to buy or not to buy Honda HR-V for the dynamic 2021!

Why should you buy a Honda HR-V?

A Solid Steering Wheel

Honda HR-V brings a distinct feeling to the drivers. It ensures the driver’s confidence by offering the appropriate amount of weight to the steering wheel. It is easy to control the steering wheel around winding roads or into narrow parking spaces.

A Well-tuned Suspension

Thanks to its well-tuned suspension, Honda HR-V has excellent handling capabilities. The suspension helps HR-V pass on many kinds of twists and turns smoothly, not only in the straight highways. The traction and stability control are suitable when needed, so it almost does not bring any bounce or strong shaking when driving on uneven surface roads. 

Honda HR-V

An Effective Temperature Control System

The climate control system works well though its touchscreen may be a bit tricky to understand at first. Honda HR-V can pump the air to the outside quickly and bring appropriate temperature. Besides, there are two heating switches in the front seat that you can control.

A Large And Versatile Cargo Area

Honda always offers users a perfect utility, with the design of a spacious cargo area. HR-V has 431L and a maximum of 1.665L of cargo space. Furthermore, you can custom the rear seat system in different ways then it gets you the space cargo you need.

What are the shortcomings of the Honda HR-V?

Annoying Noise Inside The Cabin

With only a few kilometers driving, the cabin’s noise can make drivers and passengers a bit annoying. When you decide to floor, there will also have a roar. Luckily, the wind and road noise is minimal.

Sluggish Acceleration

Slow acceleration ability may be the most significant disadvantage of Honda HR-V. To get the speed of 60mph from zero, the 1.8-L engine of the HR-V needs about 10.4 seconds. With this downfall, in many cases, drivers can not pass another vehicle as they want.

SpecificVoice Control Demanding

The voice control system of the HR-V is not sensitive and flexible. If you want to command by voice, you have to slow down the speed, talk slowly, and use specific commands. 


You must now have made your own decision. All in all, you can be satisfied with the Honda HR-V price in the Philippines based on the benefits it offers. In fairness, if Honda can improve the slow acceleration and voice control system, the HR-V will definitely become a more attractive option for drivers. 


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