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ALL the Ocean & Beach Waste is now mine……

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 16, 2021  3:27 PM ET

I take full responsibility for all of it, including what washes up on beaches or sinks to the depths.
(This way you have ONE person to blame, ONE person to help, and ONE person to answer to)!

Like a million penguins ‘chattering away,’ the ocean message is now getting lost, diluted, and just not heard.

As Global Operations Director for TEAA (The Extraction Action Alliance), we CAN stem the flow of waste entering the ocean from over 1200 estuaries, in 157 Countries, over 6 continents.  All achievable within 5 years!

This will stop the ongoing 10M tons of waste from entering the oceans annually.

Whilst we would hope each country would contribute the £2M each for the installation of waste catchment systems on their estuaries, the opening of a processing plant and the supply of an extraction vessel with all the recycling and processing equipment supplied to ‘treat’ the captured waste. TEAA is applying to the DFC under their new $2.5 Billion Ocean initiative fund for the $350M to achieve this plan within the 5 years.

157 Countries signed and further ratified The 1982 Laws of the Sea Convention, but NOT one of them complies?

As Chairman of Ocean Resource Management, the construction of the world’s first-ever £10M Ocean extraction vessels will take 2 years to convert and deploy, but once operational this vessel will extract and process 2000 tons per week of Ocean & Beach waste. The ship will extract in the day whilst 3 shifts of workers process the waste 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each ship will have a Med lab for the rescue of captured marine life and the ongoing scientific studies.

The ship’s onboard processing equipment will consist of a sorting & separation system, plastic granulation, pyrolysis, biomass briquette manufacture, baling, and shredding. Each vessel will also have a landing craft to deploy heavy equipment and people on to beaches.

The DFC is being asked to fund the first vessel. 

The beach deployment team can help with beach cleanup operations

Whilst this isn’t a ‘Ghost Net’ the torture and suffering remain.

An incalculable amount of creatures are suffering as you read this.

TEAA & ORM have a ‘Ghost Net’ tagging campaign for fellow Ocean users. Fishermen, crew, sailors, swimmers, divers ‘if’ you cannot extract it – TAG IT! We can then monitor the extent of the problem whilst formulating extraction plans – you will be able to apply for FREE Tagging kits once we get the £2M to purchase them, again we hope the DFC and others will contribute towards this effort.

The ocean doesn’t separate countries and continents, it joins them together creating an ‘aquatic bridge’ to use or enjoy.

The ocean is neither political nor religious, but it is alive and therefore finite.

Speaking on behalf of the ocean in a language you may understand.

The fuel gauge is showing reserve, the power level is saying ‘recharge’, and the temperature gauge is rising.

The ocean now has a voice, political power, legal counsel, and money behind it.
(The ocean provides us with oxygen and food in a real example of a circular economy).
The questions you want asking, I will ask and I will get the answers.

“In my capacity as newly appointed;  Chief of Oceans – World Peace Ambassador, I fervently hope that putting right the atrocities witnessed through years of ocean neglect and abuse will stop future conflicts unfolding, my job here ‘digitally’ is to capture your imagination for a clean ocean with an abundance of healthy and expanding marine life.

I now hope you will join and support me in my mission” – Paul Manning

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