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iCrowdNewswire   Feb 8, 2021  5:15 PM ET

 Vuuzle Media Corp has been beta testing is clout nine visual web AI for 6 months. The (AI) design, implementation and use of, machines, and systems that exhibit human intelligence over our innovations in OTT, (AI) and Music platforms.

After winning the brand blazer from Verizon media for best innovation, we have continued to focus on the platforms (AI) knowledge representation, reasoning, and learning to enhance the experience for our viewers. We have continued to focus on a number of important sub-areas, which include, image identification, natural language processing, expert systems, neural networks, planning, semiotic AI, and intelligent agents.
Additionally, Vuuzle Media Corp integrated IRIS.TV into the Vuuzle platform. IRIS.TV is a video intelligence platform, that connects Vuuzle.TV to the company’s Contextual Video Marketplace. With this integration, video content on Vuuzle TV’s premium channels are now contextually segmented by a growing list of leading data providers including Oracle Data CloudComscore, and Spectrum Media ServicesNow marketers can contextually target relevant, brand-safe, and suitable video inventory across any screen when watching Vuuzle.TV.

Semiotics is a general philosophical theory of signs and symbols that deals especially with their function in both artificially constructed and natural languages and comprises syntactics, semantics, and pragmatics. Clout 9 is all about the visible web using the semiotics built in the optronics on the mobile phone.

Unlike conventional research, semiotics delivers strategic research and analysis that generates robust and inspirational outcomes that can be used for a range of activities from brand strategy, planning to creative development which help our free TV become more known.

Semiotics can be described as the science of studying all the signs and symbols in a given culture that interact with the signs and symbols embedded in a brand, whether communications, packaging or product and shape consumer understanding. Semiotics can thus be a powerful tool to create awareness, develop brand associations and add brand values that make a difference in the market.

Computer interface signs, such as navigational links, thumbnails, small images, command buttons, symbols, icons, etc., which serve as communication artifacts between Vuuzle designers, the systems and our users required extensive research and time in this area.

To design and evaluate intuitive interface signs and designs, the Semiotic Interface Sign Design and Evaluation with clout 9 is a emersed world of 3D allowing the user to organize everything visually on the phone while being able to dress the phone with dazzling designs and covers intergrading with the onboard software already existing on the mobile phone.

Clout 9 user interface (UI) is a crucial component of visually organizing the applications on your phone, with usability being the key factor determining its effectiveness. Ease-of-use and user-friendliness are the key terms associated with the concept of usability.  In fact, usability refers to the extent to which the applications, or any product, can be used efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily within a specified user context be organized on clout 9 in any order pleasing to the eye. The evaluation of usability is one of the main cornerstones of why Vuuzle designers followed intuitive user interfaces due to technological innovations, societal changes and dynamic user preferences, our knowledge regarding UI design in the domain of human-computer interaction was crucial.

New services for mobile phones have been developed every year with the aim of allowing people to create, develop and strengthen social bonds. Similarly, to social networking sites on the Internet. Clout 9 services can help users to build valuable networks through which it is possible to share information and resources. Myspace and Facebook both made agreements with mobile operators to develop limited phone versions of their services. When going this step, one has two answer to questions. 1) How can we provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface capable of exploring a big data space on mobile devices? 2) What are the limits of mobile device displays and how to deal with them? Clout nine went visual and took all the mechanics of moving pictures and applications onto a Rubik cube type square configuration that can be divided or multiplied into different sections in the cloud to see use or transfer.

Clout nine will become the place holder for free movies on VUUZLE.TV and the center for free Radio and streaming your favorite songs on Vumu Music witch all three can be downloaded in your apple or android store on your mobile device.

Vuuzle.TV – has been on the market for 1 year and can be downloaded on all mobile device’s laptops or your computer and also on ROKU.

Clout 9 – still in beta version and soon to drop first full version. Clout 9 can be downloaded in your apple or android store on your mobile device.

Vumu Music – Just released a beta version with radio stations exclusive only on Vumu. VUMU can be downloaded in your apple or android store on your mobile device.

eMarketer said, the visual web is many things to many people—and marketers. According to polling, most US brand marketers can’t put just one definition to the term: It includes design, advertising and even anthropological phenomena. What is clear is that it’s important.

By now all digital marketers understand the value of visual marketing. Incorporating photography into sites, digital marketing materials, and social media strategies increases engagement and online shares. Research has shown we process images 60,000 times faster than text, and that visuals can improve our ability to learn by up to 400%.

But what exactly is the visual web? Is it born of social networking? Driven by mobile? Or could it be a concept created by advertisers to combat banner blindness? As it turns out, it’s all of these things—and more.

The visual web is everywhere

Brands, it appears, are listening. As recently reported by research company eMarketer, 90% of marketers now believe visual elements are “important to their daily marketing functions,” while close to 70% called them “very important.” When asked about their plans for the next six months+, 74% said they intend to use video, 71% will try custom photography, and nearly 62% of brand marketers will integrate more stock photography into their marketing programs.

This response is due in large part to the effectiveness of using images to connect with consumers online. For example, posts to Twitter that feature photos can earn 35% more retweets than tweets that don’t.

Vuuzle Media Corps business model is quite easy and simple to understand. We use the senses of human sight and sound and give our viewers free entertainment that’s entertaining visually as well as what a person wants to listen to in music. Then we use semiotic (AI) with the integration of Verizon cam slicer and our Vuuzle innovations to slice in ads to earn money.

Scaling of course takes time and since the launch in December 2019 tens of millions of people have watched free TV on and in that 1st year Vuuzle media Corp has already won the brand blazer award from Verizon Media and launched Vumu and Clout 9.

Vuuzle media Corporation has a hub in Dubai with corporate offices in Sweden. The people who work in the company are young adults educated and committed to making sure the viewers get to control what they view and and listen to while receiving a visual and blissful feeling when browsing or listening to music.


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