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Creation Of The Home Space With Mid-Century Interior Design

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 26, 2021  5:26 AM ET

No fussy nor complicated, Mid-Century interior design is attracted by the harmonious beauty of the interference between the old and the new, between tradition and modernity. This is also the style that many apartment owners choose for their living space.

Mid-Century interior design comes from North America. Increasingly, this interior design is loved by urban homeowners for its sophistication in the layout and arrangement of furniture. The characteristic feature of the Mid-Century style is the strong, square lines, interwoven with soft accents at the corners. Main colors of the style are deep, dark, and dotted with vibrant colors to balance the design.

Optimizing the area by arranging the furniture neatly and scientifically is the way interior designers pay special attention. Therefore, the furniture pieces have the role of serving the needs of the homeowner and taking on the role of decoration and highlighting as well. The living room in this design is one such example.

The red-orange sofa is not only a “seat”, but also a highlight for the living space. The whole room follows a simple design, with angled, definitive lines. The lines on the windows and wooden cabinets are somewhat classic, adding depth and nostalgia to space. In addition, the architect placed a circular carpet to create curves, softness for the whole living space.

The modern detail of the room is transmitted by the transparent tempered glass door design. Double-layer curtains help the owner handier when using. The same color tone with the sofa is a neatly designed and compact tea table, helping to optimize the interior space of the apartment. The TV wall shelf is both neat and highly aesthetic.

The kitchen in the design has a gentle and delicate beauty. Still taking white color á the main tone, dotted on it is a gentle and warm almond yellow. Kitchen countertops are selected in ground concrete material, creating a simple and rustic beauty. The kitchen wall uses eye-catching geometric texture wallpaper.

The upper cabinets are designed with two options, one side with a door and a wooden open shelf without a door design. The homeowner can freely set up utensils to facilitate the cooking process. The base cabinets have a modern design, with delicate white color. The kitchen area is also designed with glass doors to bring the necessary airy and light when cooking.

The dining table area features a Mid-Century design with a gentle and rustic vibe. Simple rectangular dining table. The slim design of the dining chair, with the soft cushioning, creates a pleasant feeling for the homeowner when dining here. Adding a few bonsai pots to give the area a more natural green hue.

The bedroom in the interior design of the apartment building is a harmonious combination of tempered glass and wood materials to create a modern, warm and friendly space. Especially in this design, the architect impresses with the design of the bathroom that fits neatly in the bedroom. This intention helps the homeowner convenience in living, bringing a sense of relaxation and comfort to the living space.

From the bed looking to the bathroom through the glass door system is a great experience that the architect wants to convey in the design. By adding curtains for the glass door system, it will add more charm and attractiveness to the relaxation space. The bathroom is fully equipped with a bathtub, shower, and convenient glass windows. Separating the shower space and the sink is a delicate, slender wooden system. The tabletop and lavabo are designed with ground concrete material, which is both simple, rustic and clean, modern.

The bedroom is where the homeowner is leaving all the fatigue outside and relaxing. So the architect brings a beautiful home design with the simplest, as much light, and delicate bedroom as possible. There are still two main tones of yellow and white to help homeowners feel peaceful and familiar. Large glass door design helps bring outside light into the room, bringing refreshing and re-energizing homeowners after stressful working days.

With a Mid-Century interior design style, homeowners own a delicate, gentle and warm living space. If you also love this interior style, please contact the architects at Gia Bao Group for the best advice.


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