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iCrowdNewswire Jan 25, 2021 2:44 AM ET

Do's & Don'ts of solar panel installation process

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 25, 2021

Due to the ever-rising prices of fossil fuels, everyone is searching for cleaner and cheaper energy sources. To reduce their dependency on grid power and become decarbonized, a number of individuals have opted to go solar. Using solar panels on your roof is the perfect way to produce electricity and be less dependent on the national grid. Solar panel installation can seem very straightforward—you find an installer you want, get a quote, continue with the installation, and sit back and enjoy your free electricity. But to ensure that you get the most from your solar panels, you must follow a few simple guidelines. We suggest some Do’s and Don’ts below, ranging from your installation to solar panel maintenance.

A variety of available financing options, such as government loans and discounts, have made solar a viable choice for homeowners. You are eligible for benefits based on the amount of energy generated and earn Rs 2 per unit of generated electricity. You can sell excess energy as well. As per the government’s tariffs, you will receive a controlled cost per unit. Hence, when installing a 12V solar panel for your home, check all the grants and schemes you are eligible for and make sure you use them to your benefit.

While there are solar panel installers out there that are reputable and work to build a system that promises decent performance and lasts for a lot of home and business owners, sadly, there are dodgy dealers, too. They sell the cheapest panels at high rates or sell cheap low-quality systems that either under-produce, crack, or both. Hence, when you decide to install any solar solution, for example, a 12V solar panel, make sure you purchase it from reliable and trusted brands like Luminous. They sell the best solar panels in the category, ranging from 12V solar panels to 24V panels. There are no hidden charges associated with their goods, and their solar experts make the installation process simple.

When you plan to mount solar panels, understanding their weight is crucial as it can affect the roof structure’s integrity. For a span of about 25 years, solar panels are expected to be mounted on the roof. So, ensure that the roof framework has the potential to withstand the panel weight.

Some solar power critics say that on cloudy days, solar panels don’t generate electricity. This accusation is false. On gloomy days, solar panels work; even though they do not perform as well as they would on a bright sunny day. While estimates differ, on a cloudy day, solar panels will produce about 10 to 25 percent of their daily power output.

When there is no shadow cast upon them, solar panels work best. In fact, even a shadow cast on only part of one solar panel in your solar array can potentially compromise the entire system’s performance. You should also be cautious about making sure that there are no surrounding trees that may grow tall enough to eventually cause shading problems. The solar system’s life span is usually estimated to be 25 + years, during which time trees have plenty of time to grow. Now that you understand the do’s and don’ts of installing a solar panel, you are ready to begin your adventure with solar panels. In recent years, solar panels have come a long way, and installation costs have never been better, so it is the perfect time to consider this ideal source of renewable energy. You can select a 12V solar panel for your roof from reputable brands like Luminous. They are one of the leading companies and offer a comprehensive range of polycrystalline and monocrystalline PERC solar panels. Along with that, their solar experts will make sure that you equip your home with the best solar panel according to your home’s power requirements.


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