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iCrowdNewswire May 30, 2017 9:48 AM ET

Help Send Jeremy Collins to CrimeCon

iCrowd Newswire - May 30, 2017
Help Send Jeremy Collins to CrimeCon
Research opportunities for PODCON2018 plus supporting the guy who does so much for listeners/hosts

Deana Marie
Philadelphia, United States
Jeremy Collins, creator of FB community “Podcasts We Listen To,” host of the podcast by the same name, is developing a convention with listeners, for listeners, organized by listeners and hosts. We’ve all seen the posts on PWLT that Jeremy isn’t attending CrimeCon, but he’s made it clear he would love to go for a few reasons: 1: Research opportunities for PODCON2018. 2: Everything he does to promote podcasts of ALL GENRES, hosts, & listeners. We didn’t have a home before he created PWLT

Help Send Jeremy Collins to CrimeCon

So let’s talk a little more about this guy and why we want to help send him to CrimeCon.

In a year Jeremy, along with the help of his page admins, grew Podcasts We Listen to from a community of 100 members to almost 8000.  Every day each of us have a place to interact with one another, share our favorite podcasts, and learn about shows we might never otherwise discover.  And he manages to keep us all in line.  He supports listeners, hosts and now with the launch of Podcasts We Listen To, the Podcast, he gives all of us a behind the scenes look into the lives, thoughts, and creative process of some of our favorite podcasters.

Jeremy already has a plan for what he would do at CrimeCon – snackable audio interviews with so many hosts and listeners, and broadcast as close to live as you can get every day from the convention.  Plus, his presence there is feet on the street convention research for the upcoming PODCON2018 – a convention he started and is now planning with help from listeners and hosts to continue giving us all a place where we can literally come together, meet podcasters from EVERY GENRE, learn, be entertained, all in one of the most incredible cities in the country – New Orleans!

Here’s What We Need

We’re looking to surprise Jeremy and cover his CrimeCon Expenses, which we anticipate total $1500.  And we want to be completely transparent with you so we’ve itemized the costs below.  The cost of event registration reflects a 20% off discount with a podcast coupon code.

  • Event Registration – $400
  • Airfare – $400
  • Hotel Accommodations – $500
  • Incidentals – $200

What Does This Mean For You?

Jeremy Collins’ wants to go to CrimeCon and bring it back to YOU! There are so many folks who are unable to attend and are asking for videos, audio, photographs, etc.  Many of the podcast hosts attending will be manning our booths at podcast row, attending meet ups and convention activities.  Jeremy will be your feet on the street, and ours, to bring everyone as much as he can from this event.  Plus, what he observes and experiences will shape how we develop and host PODCON2018.

Is there a Risk?

Here’s the great thing about Indiegogo – they’re flexible.  If for some reason we don’t raise the entire $1500, Jeremy will still receive whatever we raise to offset his CrimeCon expenses. Any money raised over $1500 will go into the budget for PODCON2018.



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Deana Marie

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