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Why and How to Bring Pops of Color to a Room

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 18, 2021  2:39 PM ET

The other day you were enjoying a socially-distanced coffee date with your good friend and neighbor down the block. During your get-together, you noticed she had a couple of accent walls in her home that looked terrific: a bright blue wall on one end of her kitchen and a lemon-yellow wall in the family room.

Since your visit, you can’t stop thinking about how great these pops of color worked in your friend’s home and how you’d like to incorporate a similar design in your own abode.

Before you order a gallon or two of paint for a contactless pickup at the local hardware store, it’s a good idea to learn why pops of color work, as well as how to go about adding them in, along with which colors you might want to select:

Why Adding Color is So Effective

Adding purposeful pops of color to any room will help your eyes notice interesting parts of the room that you may have previously overlooked. For instance, if you own a bookcase that contains interesting photos of your travels and family, placing it in front of an accent wall will naturally draw your visitors’ gaze to this part of the space. 

Another reason to add an accent wall or other pop of color is to break up the monotony of a neutral-colored room. Or, you could simply love the way a certain color makes you feel (more on this later). But, while you don’t want an entire room of aqua walls and furniture, one wall, couch, or piece of artwork will still give you the color boost you want.

How to Incorporate Vivid Hues and Tones

You could certainly follow in the decorating footsteps of your lovely neighbor and go the accent wall route in your home. Choose colors that you like and/or complement the furniture and accessories in your room. For instance, if you have a tan couch and oak furniture, Kelly green, bright red, deep orange, or bright blue would all look great as part of an accent wall. You can also achieve a much-needed dose of color with framed artwork.

In particular, a series of fine-art prints featuring designs of deep green lines or blues with hints of tan would work wonders in your living room. Conversely, if you want to feature a truly bold color in a room but are nervous about painting an entire wall, know there is a solution for every comfort level. A fuchsia rug in the hallway, a huge purple vase filled with silk lavender flowers on the breakfast bar, or that amazingly comfortable and plush deep teal couch are all effective ways to add color to a room without ever buying a paintbrush.

A Few Words on Color and Mood

As you select which color pops to add to your home, know there’s nothing inherently wrong about going with shades you love. At the same time, it’s also worth realizing that certain hues can have a tangible impact on your mood and energy level. For instance, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow evoke happiness and energy and can also make you feel like you need to jump into action, like a stop sign does when you’re driving. 

These colors might be better suited in a room where energy is welcome, like the kitchen, as opposed to a bedroom where you want to get some solid shuteye. Speaking of snoozing, cool colors like green, blue, and purple can be quite soothing and calming, making them ideal for any bedroom. Interestingly, since purple is a mix of red and blue, it can also help to inspire creativity.

Let the Colorful Creativity Begin

Adding color to your home doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive. You definitely have plenty of options for your pops of color and can select shades that will positively impact your emotional state and well-being. And, in the months ahead, you can eventually invite over your neighbor and watch as she oohs and ahhs over your green artwork, purple couch, and/or yellow accent wall as you enjoy another cup of coffee together.


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