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Israel Figa Explains How to Start a Business during COVID-19

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 8, 2021  2:30 PM ET


In almost every industry, businesses have had no other choice but to adapt their operations in order to comply with the social distancing restrictions for staying afloat during this economic downturn brought about by the pandemic. Due to these conditions, it has become difficult for a number of existing businesses to survive and extremely challenging for new ones to be introduced. Establishing a startup is a difficult task in the best of circumstances, and it is a particularly complex process to deal with during COVID-19. In such uncertain times, a number of people may think that pursuing entrepreneurship is impossible, but Israel Figa says that doing so might not be such a bad idea.

As a matter of fact, businesses not only have the potential to survive during this global pandemic, but can also thrive. The opportunity to launch a business is quite ripe as the disruption caused by the coronavirus has prompted people to rethink their entire lives. This opens up a unique window of opportunity to provide new and exciting products and services to consumers. There are certain businesses that appear to be more suitable in this current climate, as compared to others.

As per Israel Figa, some of the businesses that have experienced a strong demand include cleaning services, online fitness classes and fitness equipment, delivery services, yard care or landscaping companies, telehealth services or mask makers. While there are plenty of ideas to explore, the key is figuring out how to start a business during COVID-19. If you are considering starting entrepreneurship right now, here are some tips that Israel Figa has provided for you:

Consider what the people need right now

During this pandemic, there has been a significant shift in consumer habits, so Israel Figa recommends that you consider how your offerings will fit into their current lifestyle. For instance, there was a 700% increase in pet adoptions, as people were spending more time at home, so they sought pet companionship. This provides a good business opportunity to introduce pet-related products for catering to this influx of pet owners in the market.

While this is a need that you can fulfill, it is also necessary that you focus on what is impacting the daily lives of your customers. This means that you have to strike a careful balance between empathy for everything that’s happening all over the world, and also continuing to do what you are doing. When you are launching a business, you don’t have the luxury of time to indulge in any outside distractions, but right now, the entire world is a distraction and this needs to be incorporated accordingly.

Come up with a good digital marketing strategy

According to Dr. Israel Figa, you can bolster your business through tough times with a strong digital marketing strategy in place. Staying true to your brand and maintaining transparent communication online are two ways that can help businesses in building customer loyalty during the pandemic and after it. Marketing has become a lot more difficult during the pandemic, as a number of normal avenues that could be used for marketing a consumer brand, such as events, cannot be held right now.

Therefore, businesses have had no other choice but to turn to customer referrals and digital advertising as their main sources of traffic in order to promote their brand. When you are a new business, you have to focus on coming up with a strong digital marketing strategy in order to attract the right audience.

Connect with customers on social media

One of the best ways for bringing in new customers is to use social media networks, where you can engage the audience and also share updates. As per Israel Figa, every business wants to promote its business and you may want to share all virtual events you are having, but you shouldn’t just be all sell, sell and sell. Your social accounts give you the perfect opportunity to genuinely engage with your clientele and get them excited about your upcoming product launches or your brand in general.

Initially, you can start with organic marketing and you can talk to your friends and family to support, so you can grow your initial following. Once you have done so, you can move onto the next phase, which involves collaborating with other brands, reaching out to influencers, seeking ambassadors and taking advantage of social media advertising.

Develop a long-term and recession-proof business plan

The current business landscape is drastically different from what it was a couple of months ago, and there is a good chance it will change again. Therefore, Dr. Israel Figa recommends that you develop a long-term business plan that should also be recession-proof. Good financial planning can be incredibly helpful and will allow you to ensure that your startup can handle any storm that comes its way. It is recommended that you make your business into something that people can use and enjoy even during COVID-19 and once it is over. Otherwise, you will incur costs and will not be able to make any profits.

Be flexible and maintain positivity

Any entrepreneur who wants to succeed in their business should understand that adaptability is key. As per Dr. Israel Figa, you should have a plan in place, but it doesn’t have to be set in stone. You need to maintain flexibility in the face of change. Last, but not the least, you also need to stay positive. There are unique challenges that you have to face when you are launching a startup in these times, but bear in mind that it is not impossible.

If you are truly committed to starting a business during COVID-19, you shouldn’t hesitate at all. There are tons of resources that you will find at your disposal, including online seminars, books, articles and YouTube. Most importantly, you shouldn’t hesitate in asking for help. Follow the guide provided by Israel Figa and you will be able to start your own business by overcoming the challenges.


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