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iCrowdNewswire Jan 5, 2021 11:35 AM ET

Six legal technology industry leaders join forces to launch The Global Efficiency Group

Six legal technology industry leaders join forces to launch The Global Efficiency Group

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iCrowd Newswire - Jan 5, 2021

The Global Efficiency  Group (TGE Group) was launched today as an association between information management technology providers. This group brings together six leaders specialized in information and document management to offer customized solutions for the main international service providers and large global corporations, according to a uniform structure for collaboration and execution of projects. Together, the TGE Group represents one of the largest and most experienced sets of iManage resources available in the world, offering a unified approach to meet the constant global demand for the iManage Work Productivity Platform. 

All members of the TGE Group are recognized and respected in their local markets. These members are Ascertus  in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe; Office Information Australia (OIA) , serving the Asia-Pacific region; Eficio , with presence in Canada and France; Lexsoft  operating in Spain and Latin America; Ounet Sistemi , based in Italy; and Co-Operative Computing  in South Africa. 

Explaining the business principles that underlie the formation of the TGE Group, Roy Russell , CEO of Ascertus, states that “By joining forces, we have ended up becoming an attractive provider to the world’s largest corporations and professional services firms. The association offers support customers and deployments all over the world, accompanied by a unique interface to access a large pool of experienced talents. Together we are stronger and bringing together our experience, expertise and resources, we end up being in a privileged position to offer real value to corporate projects , more resiliently and with less risk. ” 

Com a formação do Grupo TGE, os membros estão mais bem posicionados para auxiliar nas metas de crescimento de seus clientes. Carlos García-Egocheaga, CEO da Lexsoft Systems, exemplificou “Agora somos os parceiros perfeitos para organizações que buscam expansão internacional, principalmente fora dos mercados europeu e norte-americano. Descobrimos que a América Latina, a África, o Sudeste Asiático e até mesmo a Rússia são grandes mercados-alvo para as organizações. Agora podemos entregar projetos em escala global”. 

The TGE Group offers complete experience and services – from business analysis, technical consultancy and project management to programs for customer success and ongoing support – always offered in the local language and in English. The teams that are part of the members are fluent in several languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, to name just a few. With members in all areas of the world, the TGE Group offers reliable technical support to its customers, according to the “follow-the-sun” model. 

Stephen Litton , CEO, OIA, commented “As a collective, today our resources and skills are well distributed globally. This means that we are able to offer simultaneous support to customers, wherever they are, without diluting our talent pool based in the Asia Pacific region. Crucially, due to the use of local resources, this is a more cost-effective approach for our customers. ” 

IManage solutions and associated services are an essential part of the TGE Group’s service offering. Neil Araujo , CEO, iManage, noted that “‘The customer first’ is one of the core values ​​at iManage, an idea that also applies to this association, which seeks to proactively respond to current and future customers’ business needs The TGE Group’s vast experience and presence allows it to serve a growing global market that seeks document and knowledge management, having a positive impact on the results of the iManage customers served. With the union of these important iManage partners, we hope that they will have constant recognition ” . 

The TGE Group offers a number of integrated business solutions, including case management and legal issues, contract management, email and document management, legal expense management, knowledge management, process automation, cloud, and more.

About The Global Efficiency Group 

The Global Efficiency Group is an association between information management technology providers, with similar ideals, based around the world. The group brings together more than 80 highly experienced specialists, consultants and support engineers, whose knowledge and experience covers different product deployments and business scenarios. The Global Efficiency Group is well prepared to participate in the execution of global projects. Through a unified framework for collaboration and project execution on a global scale, the Group offers the benefits of local familiarity – with attention to practical considerations such as time zone differences, risk appetite and approach to budget and cost management – to ensure regional success. Together, the Group represents the largest and most experienced set of iManage features available globally. For more information, visit .  

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