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Diabetes Freedom Review: Does George Reilly Program PDF Book Work? Report By Joll of News

Diabetes Freedom Rev

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Studies reveal that more than 34 million Americans live with diabetes and that around 95% suffer from type two diabetes. That boils down to about 1 out of 10 people living with this disease in the US alone (1). One lives dependent on insulin and other medication to live a near everyday life. Yet the lifestyle restrictions always remind someone they cannot live the life they always wanted to live. And while the diabetes prevalence used to affect those 45 and above, it now affects the young and old alike. Diabetes Freedom gives hope to reverse this debilitating condition.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body fails to produce enough insulin for proper glucose absorption or when the body fights insulin. Inadequate glucose in the cells spells danger to the vital organs and overall health (2). The disease’s symptoms include frequent urination, a feeling of constant thirst and hunger, fatigue, slowed healing, blurred vision, drastic weight loss, and others. While this disease’s exact cause remains unknown, obesity and inactivity seem to play a big part in its development.

About Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom is a guide that teaches people with type 2 diabetes how to reverse the disease in their bodies and give them renewed freedom. It follows a three-step process that directs one using simple language on the steps to take to make different health juices from vegetables, fruits, and herbs to derive the required nutrients from turning back the hands of time on diabetes. The manufacturer derives this discovery from studies conducted from credible sources following years of research and even offers links to these study reports on their website.

This research reveals that type 2 diabetes develops when fat cells get released into the bloodstream. They then go clogging up different vital organs like the pancreas and liver. Clogging up the pancreas has dire consequences as it serves the purpose of secreting insulin, the hormone necessary for enabling the absorption of glucose into the cells. Destabilizing the pancreas’ proper working creates a ripple effect across the body with other parts dependent on energy failing to perform to per. These constant low blood sugar levels in the cells develop type 2 diabetes, which Diabetes Freedom seeks to alleviate.

What to Expect

This system has a three-step process that guides someone to stop type 2 diabetes in its tracks and reverse the adverse effects it has had on the body. The first phase of the process involves an eight-week teaching one the kind of shakes they need to take to stop the disease within two weeks. It guides them on the products to purchase from the grocery store with the right phytonutrients to destroy the fat deposits in their bloodstream. This first part comes in a five-part video series.

The second step contains several two-minute instructional videos directing someone which juices they can prepare to keep diabetes at bay. These videos lead someone through seven metabolic steps that safeguard their bodies to prevent the disease from taking root again in their bodies.

Finally, the third step contains instructions on maintaining one’s diet to stay trim and prevent weight gain. It offers meal plans to use with the times to take them and the right quantities.

Nutrients Engaged

One will find several vital ingredients that have gotten utilized to stop and prevent the killer disease. These ingredients include dark chocolate, cinnamon, white lignans, parsley, romaine lettuce, carrots, grapes, and other delicious foods. These foods provide three essential compounds called prophenylphenols, flavonoids, and lignans necessary to destroy fat cells and necessary for rebuilding the body’s resistance against the disease (3).

The Diabetes Freedom Process

The three-step program helps one introduce phytonutrients into their body that serve to target and destroy fat cells deposited in the bloodstream, eliminating toxins, and restoring DNA structure. This process utilizes prophenylphenols and lignans effectively and directs its fat-eliminating work on the organs surrounded by fat deposits like the pancreas and liver.

Eliminating fat deposits from the body and delivering a punch of necessary nutrients ensures the vital organs start to function at their optimum. The pancreas produces the required insulin for the absorption of much-needed glucose (4). The liver gets to perform its task of burning fat effectively to prevent buildup in the future.

Using Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom gives people an eight-week program they need to follow to introduce the much-needed nutrients. These nutrients come into the body to eliminate fat deposits and restore proper glucose absorption. One needs to follow the daily recommended shakes intake to enjoy the full benefits of the program. The easy-to-use recipes introduce new foods into one’s diet but take a short time to prepare from ingredients found in groceries.

While exercising remains a vital part of everyone’s lives, the program does not require regular exercise to get the full benefits from it. One can also take the foods they enjoy taking without limiting their diet. The system provides the necessary nutrients to restore the body to proper function, eliminating the need to watch one’s diet so religiously.

Safety Protocol

The program follows an all-natural approach where it introduces its clients to foods that restore their bodies to their appropriate healthy states. The simplistic approach ensures the body gets to enjoy renewed health without suffering the side effects associated with conventional medication and some supplements. This product brings about a combination of superfoods used separately by humans through the ages. The mixture serves to make these superfoods a lethal weapon against fat deposits and beneficial to the body’s restoration.

Diabetes Freedom Benefits

Cost and Shipping

One can get the product in both a digital and physical format. One needs to access the product from the company’s official web page to access the offer of $37 for the full package. One gets access to everything the product offers when they pay for it through a link to the online content. The digital format has a printing option available that lets one have the physical copy available. The product does not attract any shipping fees as it comes with immediate online access once a client pays for it. One can access it from their smartphone, laptop, tablet, and laptop, giving them access whatever their location.

Refund Options

The company allows one to try out the product for a full 365-day cycle before making up their mind if it has worked for them or not. They can engage with the company to get a full refund within this time if they feel it has not worked. They only need to delete all of the digital media before getting their money back.


How fast does one get the program once they have paid for it?

Clients get immediate access to the full program the moment they pay for it. The link comes automatically after the client checks out, allowing them access to life-changing videos and instructional material.

Where does one get the directed foods from?

The foods used in the program can get accessed from a regular grocery store. Health food stores offer the best bet to have quality foods.

What else does one need to do apart from eating the superfoods?

Clients have the freedom to live their lives as they please since the foods used to accomplish all the challenging work. Staying fit and eating healthy can get inculcated into one’s lifestyle for their good, but it does not constitute part of the program.




Type 2 diabetes destabilizes people’s lives and causes them to live carefully without the freedom others enjoy. It can lead to worse conditions that affect the quality of life negatively. Diabetes Freedom gives a chance for people to recover their lives and live them free of worry.

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