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Tips and Tricks to Cope with a False Accusation of Domestic Violence

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 19, 2020  3:03 PM ET

The purposes of a false accusation are vast. The opposite party might try to frame you to win custody battles or get the person out of their lives. Also, some people falsely accuse their partners of gaining possession of their partner’s property or even to get even with the partner who wants a divorce.

Hiring an Attorney is Vital

In most cases, domestic violence, when perpetrated against women or children, is given utmost importance, and the public views such topics as high-level crimes needing adequate punishment. Once the officials accuse and file you for the crime, it becomes difficult to defend yourself without any professional help. In light of this, taking help from an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is crucial. The lawyer will evaluate your case and immediately start gathering shreds of pieces of evidence to prove your innocence. A knowledgeable lawyer will carefully articulate the accuser’s situation, check medical records, check the parties’ mental stabilities, and so on. All such background studies will provide the attorney with the possible motive of the accuser.

Parental Rights

False accusations usually mean you can lose your rights towards your children. In light of this, you can feel you want to break the restraining order and see your children. However, Patrick B. Courtney, P.A. regarding violent crimes in Tampa, suggests keeping a calm mind and consulting your lawyer for every step you want to take. The lawyer can educate about your parental rights and will identify any loopholes that he can uncover from your case in your favor.

Standing by Your Claims

Sticking to your defense is critical in such cases. Avoid changing the story and providing contradictory statements in the court. If you have pled innocent initially, maintain it the same throughout and stand by your claims. The attorney will provide you with expert advice and try not to do anything that the lawyer did not tell you to do.

Another aspect of this is when there is no proper communication route, and the accuser tries to fabricate scenarios and creates assumptions. The accuser can be a well opinionated person, but you do not have to worry as your lawyer has already carried out a background study of your case. Since there can exist two perspectives to a single situation, the final call lies with the jury and the judge. As a result, standing by your claims is crucial not to show any traces of wavering and unstable behavior.

Keeping Calm

A false accusation is overwhelming. However, try to stay as calm and focused as possible in all the court proceedings. The prosecution procedure will try to bait you and create an outburst in your emotional wellbeing, but do not fall for this trap. If you give up, it can get a lot harder for your lawyer to prove that you are innocent in the case.

With good cooperation with your attorney, you can rest assured about the case. A reputed lawyer will trace out every pain point and scrutinize the loopholes to get the issue on your behalf. With valid proofs and shreds of evidence, you can allow the legal system to do its job without a worry.


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