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An Overview of Tonsillitis by Israel Figa

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 19, 2020  10:47 AM ET

What is Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is an infection caused due to inflammation in the nodes situated at the backend of the throat. There are two lymph nodes which are part of the tonsils which provide prevention against potential infections making their way into a human body through mouth and the nose. When the infection breaches this protection then the tonsils get infected and the condition and/or the infection is called “Tonsillitis” according to the perspective of medical sciences.

Tonsillitis can happen to anyone, of every age, from child to a fully grown adult and is a very common infection present in every section of the society all over the world.


The infection caused due to Tonsillitis is contagious and can lead to several complications. Because the nodes in tonsils work as protective wall against viruses and bacteria, therefore, at times the tonsils get infected due to various reasons. One of the reason is caused due to the bacteria called Streptococcal. If no medication is taken the bacteria can seriously damage the health of tonsils.

Before moving on to learn the symptoms of Tonsillitis, Israel Figa explains that there are three main stages/conditions of Tonsillitis which are known as acute, chronic and recurrent. Usually the symptoms of Tonsillitis are having a sore throat which makes it difficult for the person infected to eat, drink, swallow or opening of mouth. There is permanent experiencing of pain in the throat which becomes more severe while eating. Bad breath, succumbing to fever and having chills in intervals are also part of the infection.

Furthermore, it leads the nodes at the back of your throat swollen, the signs of which can also been seen on both sides of the neck beneath the ears when the tender glands present in the neck too are swollen.

As indicated by Israel Figa that Tonsillitis can occur to anyone of any age, the infants too can get the infection. However, since they cannot tell you about what they are feeling, you can yourself determine the infection by examining whether the child is drooling which usually is a sign that the child is having difficulty swallowing. The child may also refuse to eat and may show trivialness.

When to consult a doctor

If someone in your house is indicating signs of fever with sore throat, experience pain while chewing or swallowing alongwith the signs of weakness and fatigue, then it is time for you to take that person to a doctor for timely diagnosis of the condition and its early treatment before it worsen further.

Causes of Infection

As is explained by Israel Figa that the job of tonsils is to protect human body from bacteria and viruses getting entered into through mouth and the nose. But when the health of tonsils get deteriorated then it exposes tonsils to acquire infection. Sometimes the presence of lethal viruses and bacteria, can end up causing Tonsillitis. Because tonsils are the primary source of first hand defence against viruses and bacteria, therefore, at all times they remain vulnerable against several infections.

As per Israel Figa, with the passage of time, the immunity of tonsils gradually goes down in particular when a human crosses the age of puberty. Usually the kids, who are school going, are found having the problems of Tonsillitis occasionally. This is because they are exposed to several viruses and bacteria present at everywhere and those which are transmitted through direct contact with others.

The most common complications caused due to Tonsillitis are difficulty breathing during nap and development of pus in the tonsils over the time. It could also subsequently damage the tissues surrounding the backend of throat and other parts of the throat.

Tonsillitis are frequently common within the children aged between 5 to 14 years. However if the condition does not get away and remains for at least 10 days, then it turns into Acute Tonsillitis. Furthermore, if a person witnesses Tonsillitis time and again, this is because Acute Tonsillitis have transformed into their next stage called Chronic or Recurrent.

Tonsillitis – A Contagious Disease Potentially

Once the person is infected with Tonsillitis then there are chances that the infection can be transmitted to others as well. For instance when a person is developing the infection, it is the high risk time for transmitting the infection to someone else. Even in case a person has taken his medicine and is in the process of healing, it can even be transmitted at that stage as well.

Cold weather is yet another cause of Tonsillitis

According to Israel Figa another cause for the happening of Tonsillitis is due to cold weather. The viruses which could cause common cold diseases can also adversely affect the tonsils leading to Tonsillitis. A person can simultaneously experience common cold infections along with Tonsillitis which creates a havoc for the person infected because he will be suffering from fever, sore throat, difficulty in breathing with the running, could not eat and coughing increases the pain.

Preventive Measures

The best method of prevention against Tonsillitis according to Israel Figa lies in good hygiene. A kid needs to be taught from day one to wash his hands time and again with anti-bacterial soaps or liquids especially after using the toilet, eating food or coming home after playing. Sharing of utensils and food may also lead to the infection so it should be avoided. Ensuring that the tooth brush is replaced once in every month and teach your kid never to use somebody else’s tooth brush.

Because the infection is caused due to viruses and bacteria which are present even in our homes, then it becomes necessary for us to keep our houses clean. Cleaning the houses and especially floors with disinfectants after every 15 days is highly recommended.

Consultation is the Key

Though Tonsillitis are common infection and if the symptoms are mild then without the use of medication, a person can get rid of them in a matter of 3 to 5 days. However, irrespective of whether the symptoms are mild or acute, consulting a doctor is always better for early diagnosis and timely detection of the infection which ultimately makes the treatment easy.


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