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How College Students Are Adapting to the New Normal

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 18, 2020  4:22 AM ET

With the pandemic in full swing, university students have had to leave the typical college experiences behind. With an increased presence in online discussions and reduced social activities, scholars have never faced such a challenge.

Now that colleges have reopened their doors, students are once again forced to adjust.

Here are a few ways in which those who study have had to change their routines to adapt to the new normal.

College Life

The pandemic’s impact has drastically affected colleges in the way they organize classes, how they manage finances, and more, as shown in this report by BrokeScholar. Yet, students themselves have had to change their approach too.

While not every college has banned on-campus housing, many learners have had to stay home, which changes the entire university experience. The social aspect has been affected, as are the now-banned infamous parties and gatherings.

Similarly, accessing all the necessary tools to successfully study and prepare for assignments has become more difficult.



Many courses have started to combine in-person classes with internet ones. However, the online transition has been one of the biggest struggles for college students.

It can be tricky to find the motivation and discipline to attend classes while in the comfort of your own home.

Students have to create stricter schedules for themselves by finding the motivation to set aside precise hours dedicated to their studies. While not always easy, making sure to stick to a routine is the only solution to make their deadlines.

Career Building

One of the most common lines you hear about college when growing up is that “it’s an investment into your future.” Yet, the new implications of the pandemic have many students questioning this venture.

With the high cost of college tuition, undergrads get a degree, four or more years of a great social life, as well as networking opportunities. The after-effects of the pandemic are yet to be seen. Many who study are feeling less-than-optimistic for career prospects.

To combat this, students are creating more online networking opportunities for themselves. Here are some examples:

Finding Their Balance

In the wake of the pandemic, college students are faced with a never-before-seen situation. There’s no simple way to deal with the pandemic and the changes it’s brought about. Yet, most are still trying to find a way to find their footing in the new world.

To adjust to the new norm, many have had to reconsider what college life means to them. Students worldwide have had to adapt to a new schedule and be strict with themselves while finding new ways to find a job in their chosen career in the future.


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