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Eric J Dalius expresses his views about how to maintain your emotional and mental wellbeing during COVID19

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 17, 2020  1:38 PM ET

Maintaining good health during the Covid19 pandemic is the biggest challenge that people are now facing. With limited outdoor activities and even fewer opportunities for maintaining fitness by going to gyms coupled with a twisted and truncated lifestyle to stay safe, people are feeling too much stress to cope with the pandemic. According to Eric Dalius, it is critical to take care of emotional health during the pandemic, although most people seem to pay more attention to physical health. Indeed, caring for your physical health will help boost the immune system to fight the coronavirus effectively, but you cannot keep up the fight unless you have an equally healthy mind.

Problems are many

The damaging effects on your mental health during the pandemic can manifest in various ways. Economic uncertainty makes people stare down the barrel as they fear job loss and the loss of different support services necessary for daily living. The pandemic’s financial damages and the uncertain future that people are facing are changing their eating and sleeping patterns.  Those with chronic health problems are experiencing worsening like the worsening of mental conditions, making it difficult to concentrate and affect sleep.

You may experience fear, stress, anxiety, and even feel sad and lonely during the pandemic. You could be in the worst state of mind, which only aggravates depression and anxiety and takes a toll on your physical health. An increasing number of American adults report symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress during the pandemic compared to the pre-Covid19 days, as found from surveys.   An increase in the number of people falling back on alcohol and tobacco to cope with anxiety and depression is only driving them deeper into the abyss of mental disorders due to the addiction developed over a period.

Following some advice from Eric J Dalius should help you combat both the devil in your mind and Covid19 much more effectively so that you can regain the wellness and wellbeing that disappeared from your life. Begin by lowering the anchor that helps you stay grounded and then ensure that you stay clear in your mind about what is happening around you so that you can make the right decisions by overcoming fear and panic and depression and anxiety. Here we go.

Keep away from the news

To prevent unwanted overloading of information that can disturb you, restrict your access to information and news about the pandemic. Most of the information flowing across various channels tends to be sensational and even without substance with the least or no verifying scope. This is dangerous because it can make you feel insecure as you do not know what to accept and what to reject. Instead, consider your state of mind and evaluate how much information you can accept without fatigue by knowing what kind of information or news would be useful for you. Stick to the limit in consuming news and information and avoid anything that can upset your mental poise. Engaging in some exciting activities is a healthy diversion of your mind as it gets the space to relax and recoup, which should help to return to normalcy.

Take care of your body

Look after your body, which is the source of good health. Eat a healthy and balanced diet while cutting out sugars, salt, and fat and consume more fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of fluid to stay hydrated. Exercise regularly, even if it is only for a few minutes a day. Involve something simple as squats, sit-ups, and stretching exercises, which should keep you in good shape by boosting immunity and supporting your mental well-being.

Practicing meditation will help calm your mind and improve concentration besides teaching you to stay aloof while being mindful of the circumstances around you. It will help you find an inner peace that will help in a sound sleep, which improves health.

Practice breathing for 10 minutes a day by cutting off from the earthly pleasures like your cell phone, television, and other digital gadgets. Lie on the ground, indoors or your lawn, and while facing upwards, start breathing slowly and then breathe out. Maintain the cycle of inhaling and exhaling for many times during which your thoughts will concentrate, and you will feel relaxed, says EJ Dalius.

Spend time with the family to build positivity

Although you stay at home most of the time during the pandemic and encircled by your family, it does not benefit unless you can use the time to create positive vibes that touch everyone. Getting close to each family member both physically and mentally helps build positivity and strengthens the family bonding.  You can start by playing with your children, which is also good exercise while it refreshes the mind. To expand the ring of positivity, give some time to connect more closely with all others.

Ask your family members to sit in a circle and make the first move by complimenting the person to your left.  Engage in some music and dance by playing some music that appeal to all. Play some fun game by using your imagination, like pretending to be the family dog, and then ask everyone to guess what the dog would be likely saying them in that circumstance.

Maintain a routine

Fulfilling the daily objectives is a satisfying experience. Still, since Covid19 has upset the routine, it has created a lot of disappointment as people cannot find the right balance in life. Sticking to a routine allows you to stay in control, making you confident of performing better that keeps you motivated. Create a routine for your daily activities by considering the new circumstances.  The routine or schedule must include waking up time and shower time and playing with your kids.

Sticking to a bedtime routine is right for the family as it empowers adults and helps teens learn the good things that pay back well in life. You can have a separate routine for the family to regulate meal timings and reduce screen time.


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