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Eric Dalius illustrates ways to boost the immune system to fight coronavirus

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 17, 2020  2:01 PM ET

The World Health Organization declared coronavirus or COVID-19 as a global pandemic a few months back. While the governments are wrestling with the dangers that the virus poses to humanity, there are some critical steps that individuals can take to combat this pandemic. Maintaining hygienic standards like washing hands frequently is essential. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers for disinfecting the hands, wearing masks, and avoiding touching your mouth or hand when outside also plays a crucial role.

People with certain pre-existing illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular disease are at an increased risk of getting infected with the virus. Also, the older generation is at greater risk, owing to their weak immune system. The virus may result in minor infections for the younger generation if you have a robust immunity and abstain from activities like vaping or smoking.

People with robust immunity systems are in a better position to fight the virus. Studies all across the world have emphasized steps to improve immunity power. Here, Eric J Dalius tries to draw the readers’ attention to specific vital measures that you may undertake to boost immunity.

Several critical points provided to build a healthy immune system

You may also take supplements rich in Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids regularly. One choice is to use natural immunity supplements in the form of turmeric, ginger, and gooseberry.  Herbs like basil leaves, garlic, and black cumin also help to boost immunity. Nuts and seeds like flaxseed, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, and pumpkin seeds are excellent vitamin E and protein sources. Probiotics like fermented food and yogurt are excellent sources to rejuvenate your gut, vital for the system’s nutrient absorption.

The uncertainty is overwhelming. However, there are a few steps that you may follow to help relieve your stress.

Practicing meditation helps to release stress, which is a tried and tested activity for calming the nerves. Excessive stress releases a hormone called cortisol. It impairs the response of the body to immediate surroundings and makes the person susceptible to infections. Hence, meditation is a way that can help you in keeping your hormone level under control. According to EJ Daliuscertain habits like vaping, smoking, substance abuse, and alcohol consumption directly relate to weakened immune systems.

For example, vaping and smoking weekends the lung capacity and destroys the respiratory tract cells. Studies reveal that people who are into alcohol consumption suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS. You may practice meditation, which can help you to reduce your dependence on addictive substances.

Another way of keeping your stress level under control is traveling to nearby places, of course, with private transportation during the pandemic. Proper sanitization of the vehicle is essential for keeping the contamination level down.

Food and immunity supplements that can boost your immunity

Building your immune system is inevitable for fighting the virus. While the points mentioned above will help, it is essential to work on your diet and supplement intake to boost your immune system. There are some supplements and superfoods that may be helpful

The health care workers are people fighting on the frontline with the novel coronavirus. However, you can do your bit by curbing your exposure to the virus by social distancing, staying indoors, hydrating your body, eating healthy, and following basic hygiene protocol, says Eric Dalius.


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