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Eric Dalius explains why it should not be challenging to maintain your wellness and wellbeing during Covid19

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 17, 2020  1:56 PM ET

Covid19 poses the biggest challenge that humans have ever faced, as everyone struggles even after 10 months since the pandemic began to find out ways of coping with it. Scientists worldwide are frantically trying to discover a vaccine in the shortest time that can provide some hope of battling the pandemic effectively by keeping it under control. It took a few months for individuals and businesses to adjust to the new normal, resulting in the economy’s gradual opening. It has brought about significant lifestyle changes, especially with many people working from home and children taking to online classes as schools and other educational institutions cannot function normally.

Life at home has undergone severe disruptions, and people struggle to adapt to the new and unprecedented routine. People are experimenting to find the best way to lead their lives and experiencing immense stress that is taking a toll on their physical and mental health. Curtailment of outdoor activities and intense fear of the virus taking everyone by surprise adds to the stress-making. It is challenging to maintain health and well-being during the pandemic, observes Eric Dalius, a successful entrepreneur and marketing expert.

People are going through a trial and error process to determine which routine would help lead a life in the best way with some semblance of ease and comfort, although not at par with what it was before the pandemic. Despite people spending more time at home and being with their families, the essence of good living is seriously missing and hurting all. As everyone stares at an uncertain future due to the severe economic hardships of job loss, furloughs, and health concerns, the stress is only mounting on individuals who are at a loss about staying healthy and looking after their wellness.

Eric J Dalius believes that by quickly changing our attitude about living and adjusting to the new standards by maintaining hygiene and safety while practicing physical distancing, using masks, and washing hands frequently, we should formulate a new lifestyle that spells wellness and wellbeing.

How to take proper care of yourself and your family to regain your composure that keeps you healthy and happy is what you can learn from this article.

Follow a routine

To overcome the feeling of helplessness that appears to have thrown our lives out of gear, EJ Dalius advises applying your mind by accepting the new reality and align your lifestyle with the changing times. This should help build a new rhythm that you would soon become familiar with and go with the flow to find a new meaning of life that gives you some satisfaction. Once you accept the change, it should not be challenging to develop a schedule that becomes a new lifestyle for you and your family members. Build in the elements of relief and relaxation into the schedule but be careful to avoid overdoing, causing distraction.  Creating the schedule by considering your ability and mental preparedness will keep you motivated and help to stay engaged while being in control.

Stress control and reduction

The unprecedented happenings in our lives due to the pandemic have the perfect recipe for building enormous stress and anxiety, although it is inevitable to avoid its impact. Stay alert to prevent stress from pulling you down. Consider it as a way of life, and by taking it in your stride, work your way out of the vicious cycle of stress.  Create a schedule with proper doses of work, relaxation, and other modes of engagements embedded in it that can help cope with the stress and mitigate it. For example, take a walk in the available spaces during the break from work and observe the surroundings to discover exciting things that make you forget about what you have been doing till then and provide mental relaxation. Engaging in some stimulating activities like listening to music or even playing with your kids after the day’s work can help you unwind.

Body care, cleanliness, and hygiene

To keep the coronavirus at bay, practice hygiene and cleanliness as it is the most effective way to stay healthy. Do not compromise with your hygiene, which is key to healthy and safe living and comprises your wellness and wellbeing. Besides maintaining personal hygiene, keep the surfaces and objects you contact with sanitized adequately because the virus can cling to it and cause harm. Take nutritious and healthy food with a focus on fruits and vegetables, dairy products, grains, meat, fish, and poultry together with fruit juices and other beverages like green tea that boosts immunity while allowing the body to resist the virus.  In between your work schedules, take some rest during the day and have a good sleep at night to start each day on a positive note.

Stay physically active

A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous because it can only invite health problems and make you susceptible to the virus. Try to exercise daily, even as little as 15-20 minutes a day throughout the week and longer sessions are more beneficial for your health. It builds immunity, keeps you healthy and fit, and helps in confident combating the virus more effectively. Select simple exercises that require minimal resources that you can perform within the small spaces of your home. However, maintain the routine sincerely and never let complacency set in.

Handle information smartly

During the pandemic, the flow of information has become almost unbearable as every individual has to deal with information overload created by innumerable streams of information flowing in from all directions. Unfortunately, most such information is unverified and risky to consume as it can mislead and create confusion, which can dent your confidence.  Stay connected with only reliable people and resources and filter out most of the irrelevant and useless information.

The more you can vent out your feelings and share your experience with others, the more confident you will enjoy your life in a new way despite the pandemic.


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