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Customer Support Importance in 2021

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 17, 2020  6:09 AM ET

The mission statements of many firms wax lyrical about their dedication to customer support, importance of service delivery, and commitment to quality. How many firms deliver on these lofty promises is, however, a matter for debate.

Over and over again we see customer service taking a back seat to improvements in the bottom line. Automation increasingly allows firms to thin the numbers of service consultants in the interest of providing clients with speedy assistance. Firms may pat themselves on the back for this service improvement.

Clients may view things differently, especially as they become more aware of privacy issues. According to Forbes, consumers are becoming increasingly wary of sharing their personal information with machines. Many still prefer to provide details to a person over a chatbot.

This shows that customer support importance extends beyond getting clients answers quickly. There are several other factors to take int consideration. With a somewhat bumpy 2020 almost behind us, these will take center stage going into 2021.

Firms must reevaluate their definition of customer support importance and the factors that matter to their clients. In this article, we aim to start the discussion on a fresh foot through a better understanding of the importance of customer support.

How important is customer support?

How essential is it to provide outstanding customer support? According to the Qualtrics XM Institute “ROI of Customer Experience 2020,” the stakes are high. The report highlighted some interesting findings:

Outstanding Service Provides a High Return on Investment

Those statistics put customer service in a whole new light. Support teams are as, if not more, important to business success as sales teams. Many firms vastly undervalue the role of the customer service department in a bid to consistently bring in new sales.

As seen above, however, they may be placing their focus on the wrong area. By placing more emphasis on delivering the best customer experience, they naturally increase:

Final Notes

Going into 2021, firms must refocus their efforts on providing the type of customer support that their clients expect. Companies today must earn the loyalty of their clients.

While this move may increase expenses in the short term, it’s important to weigh these against the long-term benefits. Better service improves client trust and retention. Clients will naturally gravitate toward buying more and becoming brand ambassadors.

In these respects, customer support becomes a priceless business asset.


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