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Cartomancy: your future in the response of the Tarot Cartomancy and the response of the tarot

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 14, 2020  10:51 AM ET

Who wouldn’t want to know in advance what future awaits them? How and why to rely on the mysterious art of Cartomancy

Anyone, when going through a difficult moment, in which the unknowns are more than certainties, feels the need to rely on some divinatory art, able to give him the answers he seeks. Maybe he knows little or nothing about it, maybe he doesn’t even believe it completely, but in the end he ends up asking for a Cartomancy consultation.

Ancient and complex, cartomancy has the indisputable advantage of being always at hand and, above all, of being entrusted to the empathy and sensitive skills of qualified experts, who know how to interpret the dark symbolism of the Tarot and speak to you clearly , honest and decisive. But how do the cards work and how do the fortune tellers work?

The Tarot: 78 mysterious cards that reveal your future
Have you ever taken a look at the Tarot? If you did, you will also have felt very confused: their meaning is not at all clear, nor is it taken for granted. The cards, in fact, depict mysterious figures, archetypes, esoteric symbols, which lay their roots in a very distant past and require all the expertise and experience of a good fortune teller to be deciphered. Each tarot expert interprets according to their intuitions and sensory abilities combined with their study, a different response that may be truthful or not.

The history of the Tarot is at least as obscure as its meaning: the first documents in which traces of it are found date back to ancient Egypt, from which they were imported to Europe, where they acquired notoriety and appreciation around the mid-15th century. nobles and populace, because in those years the future is uncertain and everyone needs certainties.

Be that as it may, there are various types of tarot cards, but in principle each deck consists of 78 cards, divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The first are 22 and speak of your personality, your deepest desires and your future, while the second are 56 and suggest those subtle details that make the difference between a destiny full of satisfactions and one to be shunned by any means. Provided you know him in advance. And to get to know him, you have no other way than to have a fortune teller reveal it to you.

Does Cartomancy work?
Any Fortune Teller will tell you that Fortune Telling works if you believe it. And that’s right. Because despite the widespread opinion, the cards cannot predict your fate, for the simple reason that this is not already written. In reality, what they do is tell you which direction your life is taking based on your present, on what you are experiencing today. And give you a chance to change course. To offer you an evolutionary path towards the rediscovery and awareness of yourself.

This is the true value of Cartomancy and it is also what is most reassuring. Who would ever want to discover an unfortunate destiny without having the possibility to change it? The good news is that this is not the case: the fate that the cards tell you about is one of many possible, but it is up to you to decide which one to take.

If you challenge the cards, if you test the fortune teller or mock fortune telling, you will only have wasted your time. Be honest and ask your questions: you will find that the Tarot does not lie and you will immediately feel more confident and less uncertain about your future.

Telephone fortune telling: because it’s your best chance
To dispel the doubts that hang on you you will not have to go to the study of some unknown Fortune teller in your city, but you can trust with confidence the experts in divination arts of Fortune Tellers of Truth

Available and welcoming, these Tarot professionals will know how to make a difference. Do you have a doubt about your romantic relationship? Do you want to know if your partner will come back to you? Do you want to know your working future? Or again, do you need to know if that particular choice will be suitable for achieving your goals? All you have to do is ask.

The telephone fortune tellers will welcome all your requests with the confidentiality you expect and will be able to give you precise indications and valid suggestions with which to face your future with enthusiasm. The cards know the truth. It’s up to you to question them. Try to deepen and immerse yourself in this fantastic world of tarot cards


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