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How IT Companies Switch to Work from Home Model in Future?

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 12, 2020  2:32 AM ET

With COVID-19 bringing the entire globe to a halt, something which keeps us going is the presence of technology in our day to day activity. These days, it has become really hard to imagine our lives without the aid of technology. The tech professionals across the globe are the ones who make it work in real-time. So, the tech sector is one of the very few sectors which hasn’t faced a major blow in the lockdown period when the entire world is facing a recession-like situation.

The developing countries across the globe and even the countries which are the home to some of the largest and revolutionizing technologies have asked their employees to work from home. It has been more than two months since these companies are making sure their employees work from homes. Few companies have seen some benefits from this method. Now, the question of the hour arises as to whether these companies will adopt this model in the future.

To assess whether they would adopt or not, it is very important to look at the various pros and cons of having to operate from the households. To maintain security in the network while working from home, you need to know about VPN and there is a lot of `VPN explained here` sites where you can get the nuances of it.

Pros of work from home 

There are certain pros of working from home for the company as well as the employees.

When there are no employees in the office, it doesn’t require any money to maintain it. The various tenets like electricity bill, paying the sanitary workers are not be seen in the case of work from home.

You can decide the time when you are free to work and can work on a workflow model. Some like to work in the day, some at night.

When you are travelling from home to the office, you end up spending a lot on the transportation itself, which is not in the case of work from home. Also, you can avoid the stress of huge traffic jams.

When you are working alongside a lot of people, you will have to manage the distractions that come your way.

When you are managing a family, you can spend sufficient time with your family members.

Cons of working from home 

There are certain cons associated with work from home. They are listed below.

When you are communicating with the employees, the chances of misunderstanding are way too less. But when you are working from home, there are chances of personal conflicts.

When there is no one to monitor you, the chances of not being active are way too high.

There are certain companies that have asked their employees to work from home and are also planning to adopt a model in the future. Though, it is very soon to predict now.


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