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New gifts for car lover 

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 10, 2020  12:53 PM ET

Buying gifts for car lovers is really a hard task because they are very enthusiastic about their car. If you ask them what they want, they might give you a list of expensive items and it would be more difficult for you to buy them. But there is no need to worry about your budget because there are still some items that are within your reach and you can buy them to give as a gift to your family or friends. To make this task easy for you, we are providing you a list of items that are really cool and not very expensive.

1. Leather driving gloves:

Leather gloves are the most common gift that people buy for car lovers. They will also prove very helpful for you while driving as they can keep your hands warm in winters. They are also used for better grip on the steering wheel. Your steering wheel can also be protected from oil stains or dirt if you wear gloves before driving your car. These gloves not only used to warm your hands, but they also provide breathability to your hands. They are available in various colors and in different sizes.

2. Smartphone dash mount

It is considered as the most necessary item for car lovers in order to hold their smartphone during driving. It would be a great gift that you can give to your friends and loved ones. They will have a safe driving experience and they will be able to enjoy their trip as well. This dash mount is universal and they can fit any modern smartphone in it and it can be mounted on any car. It would be easy for them to view their location on their smartphone.

3. Dash camera

Car accidents are a very common thing that people experience frequently. In this worst situation, a must needed new gifts for car lovers is to have a dash cam. This dash cam will help to capture the pictures and footages that will happen during the accident. When an accident happens, the mini dash cam records the pictures in 1080p. It is totally a different and unique way to capture the incident on the camera.

4. Wheel cleaning kit

In order to keep the car neat and clean, it is very necessary to wash wheels as they are the dirtier part of the car, cleaning wheels might be a difficult task for some people but if they will have a wheel cleaning kit, they can wash it easily. The wheel cleaning kit contains all the items that would be required during the cleaning process such as wheel brushes, wheel cleaner, microfiber towels, wheel coat etc. car lovers would love to have this kit with them.

5. Driving loafers

Having a good pair of car loafers is very necessary for car lovers as they will help them to maintain their look and to hit the clutch easily. They are made up of suede that provides breathability to their feet and they are very comfortable to wear as well. Their waterproof surface does not let the water in and avoids damaging their look. Car lovers would love to wear them because they look very stylish and unique.

6. GPS navigation system 

To have a GPS navigation system in the car will prove very helpful and beneficial. In order to know the directions, people usually use map applications on their smartphones. Car GPS system has unique features such as it will help car lovers to find their way by providing them a step by step direction. It will also give traffic updates and people will get to know about various good places for food, gas and more. This system would be  really very unique and different for car lovers.

7. A crate with auto-care products

A good crate with auto-care products is exactly what car lovers need for the maintenance of their car. A good crate includes snow foam auto wash, a fire hose car wash nozzle, scratch free wash mitt, microfiber towels and a bucket. All these products will help their car to shine and give a fresh and new look. All these products are very safe for the exterior of the car and give the car a deep clean that it really deserves.

8. A key finder

It is a common phenomenon to lose car keys and to find them is a hardest task for people. In order to find the lost car keys, a tile mate is a key finder that helps to find keys in an easy way. When people attach it to their key ring and sync to their smartphones via bluetooth, they can track their keys by using GPS on the tile app. They can better locate their keys with the map on the smartphone. Tile mate is not only for keys but it also works with wallets.

9. Tool kit

A good tool kit that includes all the required tools is very necessary for the maintenance of the car. A good tool kit includes all the tools that are well organized and that are available in different sizes. These tools are very necessary to get mechanical work done. By having this kit, people can save their money that they have to pay to the professionals. It would be a good idea to give this kit to the car lovers.

10. Bluetooth adapter for cassette radio

Some car lovers want to keep their car completely original and classic. These classic owners are still able to keep their original radio and they can enjoy the modern benefit of a Bluetooth capable radio. Just like a normal cassette, the Bluetooth adapter will go into the radio and sync to the smartphone to play their favorite music in their car. It would make their driving experience more memorable and enjoyable.


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