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What’s the major cause behind blue light glasses popularity?

What’s the major c

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 5, 2020  2:25 PM ET

While lockdown is necessary and helpful for our protection from the virus, there could be a slight problem that comes along with it. Lockdown causes complete isolation, no parties or hanging out with friends or families. Which makes us switch to digital use, from hours of Instagram scrolling to binge-watching Netflix serial-killer documentary, digital use has grown significantly during these times. With average screen time increasing from 5 to 6 hours to directly 9 hours of every person in the UK, it becomes a growing concern. In the midst of emerging eye problems and discomfort, blue light glasses have proved an effective impact on people’s eyes. 

Here’s why blue light glasses sale increased in the lockdown and how it works on our eyes to

protect them at cost. Before we move on to its benefit, let us understand the severe impacts of prolonged hours of screen use –

Impacts of excessive screen use 

Spending unhealthy hours staring at a screen causes numerous eye problems and discomfort. While looking at the screen, we tend to blink very less and the movement of our eyes comes to halt due to focussing too hard on the screen. 

Potential effects of screen use 

How do blue light glasses help?

blue light glasses popularity2

Blue light glasses are coated with advanced blue light filtering technology that blocks the damaging rays from entering the eyes, thus keeping our eyes safe. These glasses are predominantly known for disrupting the continuous flow of blue light from entering the eyes, thus solving 99% of computer vision syndrome single-handedly. When blocked from entering the eyes, you experience no sets of visual or physical problems and get a comfortable viewing experience. 

Blue light glasses eliminate eye problems and discomforts like eye-strain, headache, blurry vision, burning sensation, itchiness, redness, dry-eyes, and many more. With the help of these specs online, you also restore your healthy sleeping habit. 

While gaming, streaming TV shows or simply working on your computer, wearing blue light glasses would significantly help in eliminating severe problems while allowing you to work in a protected work environment. It’s a must-have accessory for every age group with glasses prescribed or not. As the blue light coating is available on both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Get your blue light glasses in designer frames at super affordable prices, only at Specscart. From cheap glasses online to high-end designer brands, all made out of premium quality bio-acetate, titanium, wood, stainless steel, and metals. Designer glasses in prescription and non-prescription lenses, starting at only £29.9 with a free protective coating of anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-UV coating for free. 


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