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Canada Visa Types And How They Work?

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 5, 2020  2:31 PM ET

The Canadian visa process is a pretty hard task and challenging because it involves much paperwork and research. But the major deal is to understand what the Canadian government demands from an immigrant. Then the authority selects Canada visa types according to their criteria.

So if you are looking for a Canadian visa, you may wonder what kinds of visas the Canadian authority offers. And in order to get a visa, it is also very important to know what types of visas available for you. So in this writing, you will get to know the Canadian visa types and how they work. So keep reading!

Different Canada Visa Types

Canada offers multiple types of visas according to the visitor’s purpose. For example, a student can apply for a student visa, whereas a traveler can apply for a visitor visa. So here is a list of different types of Canadian visas available.

Temporary visas:

People who wish to come to Canada for studies, works, and or a vacation. Then a temporary visa can be a very good choice. If someone is planning to stay in Canada for a short period of time, then a temporary visa can be the best option for those people.

Student visas:

These visas are basically given to international students all over the globe. The best part about studying in Canada is that you have a chance to bring your family members or your spouse with you. You also have the right to apply for an open work permit for them to allow your family members to work in Canada.

Canada is one of the ideal destinations for international students because it provides full rights and freedom to work while studying. Some special courses will help those students who want to study and wish to live in Canada permanently.

Super visas:

Super visas are basically for the Parents and Grandparents. People who want to bring their Parents and Grandparents for the company with them. Then the super visa is the best option. And the validity of this visa is a maximum of 10 years.

One who is a permanent residence in Canada can also sponsor their parents and grandparents to have them in Canada permanently.

Visitor visas:

If you want to travel or visit Canada for vacation or any other reason, you can apply for a Canada visitor visa. Depending upon your nationality, there is a big list of requirements that you have to meet to get the visitor visa. The staying with a visitor visa is so temporary, and you have to return before the visa date expired.

Work permits visas:

If you have experience and skills in a particular area, you can apply for the work permits visa. And if you can gain the Canadian work experience, then there may be a chance to get the permanent resident card in Canada.

The experience of working in Canada is very necessary if you want to apply for Provincial Nominee or Canadian Express Class. You will not be eligible for this if you belong from the federal skilled worker program. So working in Canada can be a way of getting permanent residence in Canada.

Business Class Visa:

There are mainly three categories of this visa, i.e., Quebec, Federal, and some provinces, with a unique provincial nomination program.

However, all these three programs aim to provide permanent Canadian residence. If your net worth more than CAD 300,000, then you can apply for this program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

Any foreign national who wishes to have a permanent resident in Canada are open to apply for this visa. The applicants either from inside or outside Canada can apply for this visa.

However, the applicant has to go through with some process like their qualifications, work experiences, English proficiency, etc. To get a skilled worker visa, work experiences play a vital role and have to acquire a minimum of 67 out of 100 (according to the Canadian point table).

Experience Class Visa:

This type of visa is for the people living in Canada under the temporary work permit. Moreover, any people who wish for a PR can apply for this visa. This visa is mainly for those who have at least one year of sound work experience here.

To get the experience class visa, the work experiences in Canada and staying in Canada is very important. If your stay in Canada is not secured and if you move very frequently, then this visa is not for you. The main reason you can avail of this visa is for your legitimate experiences in Canada.

Family-Sponsorship Program:

This program is for those who wish to bring their family member to Canada. The government provides opportunities to bring your family to live in Canada. If you are a permanent residence in Canada, you are eligible for sponsoring your spouse, children, or other family members of your blood.

Your family members also have a chance to be a permanent resident in Canada. This is an appealing option because family members also get the benefit of living and work there as a permanent resident. They can even pursue their study in Canada.

The Bottom line:

If you plan to move or visit Canada, then it is a very good choice because Canada is one of the best countries that provides so many opportunities for its immigrants. But you need to know all the requirements and factors in this regard.

And it is also very important to know about your intention and Canada visa types you need to visit Canada. If you are still confused, then you can consult a travel agency company. And hopefully, you have got the basics ideas about the types of Canadian visas and how they work.


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