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TradeFW Review – What Should You Know About This Broker?

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 2, 2020  1:00 AM ET


TradeFW Review

Entering the trading market is a dream of many, but there are only a handful of people who actually do anything about it. The unpredictability of this market is quite well-known and those who need a steady and consistent income don’t make a move towards this market because of the uncertainty. The people who are drawn to the trading market are those who want to make it big; after all, the financial markets do have the potential of letting you make millions in a matter of days, something that no other space is capable of. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that it comes without any risks; you can just as easily lose your entire fortune in a single trade.

Yet, the profit potential and the opportunities it has to offer has always been the source of attraction. A couple of decades ago, many didn’t have the privilege to step into the financial markets because they had a lot on their plate and couldn’t dedicate their time to it. Moreover, some people simply didn’t have the resources needed to meet the requirements of entering the trading space. But, over the years, things have changed significantly and now we are living in a digital age where the internet and technology rule our lives.

As a matter of fact, they have changed different facets of our lives and have altered the way people used to do things, trading being one of them. Gone are the days when you had to step out to trade; now, trading is right at your fingertips because it has shifted online. With this facility, you don’t even need to trade full-time; you can continue your regular job and trading in your free time, something that really wasn’t an option before. There are plenty of opportunities to be found and you can get started, even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest.

Another appealing feature of the trading space is that unlike other industries, you don’t need to have any education, knowledge or experience to begin. You can learn on the go and still achieve your financial goals. This has tempted and attracted many people to jump into the trading markets and you can also follow suit. But, how do you do that? Sure, you can trade online, but where do you trade? How do you access markets? Online brokers are the ones that can unlock the door of the trading markets for you.

Brokers have been part of the trading world since its inception and they still remain a critical element in this digital space as well. In the last few years, the number of online brokers has increased two fold for keeping up with the rise in interest in trading. This means that you will come across numerous brokers when you want to start trading. If you take a look at few brokers, you will come to realize that most of them appear to be quite similar. Does this mean you can choose any broker?

Would you ever purchase or select anything without doing any research? You certainly won’t and the same logic should apply to brokers because you will entrust them with your hard-earned money and your personal information. If you don’t choose the right broker, it can lead to disastrous consequences and put your trading journey to an end. To avoid such a situation, you need to ask some important questions about a broker before you register with them. This should also be done in the case of TradeFW, a European forex and CFD brokerage, which was established in May, 2018. Based in Limassol, Cyprus, it was founded by iTrade Global (CY) Ltd. and has developed a strong and solid reputation in the market.

But, does it really deserve this reputation?
The only way to find out is by asking some very important questions:

Broker TradeFW
Trading Accounts Standard, Gold, VIP, and Professional
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Charting and technical analysis tools, trading indicators, price quotes, negative balance protection, risk management tools, and Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading
Education and Training Yes
Customer Support 24/5 customer support via email and phone number
Security Policy AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies, Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)
Parent Company iTrade Global (CY) Ltd.
Regulation Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

Is TradeFW a regulated broker?

Knowing whether a broker is regulated or unregulated should be the first step to choosing a brokerage. The former are those that have a proper license to provide their services and are monitored by a regulatory body, thereby following a set of rules and guidelines, whereas the latter refers to those that come up with their own policies and rules. The problem with unregulated brokers is that it can be difficult to rely upon them because they may up and disappear anytime and you will be left hanging.

In the case of TradeFW, it is certainly reassuring to know that it is a regulated broker. As a matter of fact, this broker is regulated by one of the most renowned regulatory bodies in the world i.e. the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This means it is subjected to strict policies and guidelines and has to provide transparent, fair and competitive services to its clients and cannot exploit them in any way because the regulatory authority ensures consumer protection.

In case of any dispute with the broker, CySEC can step in and resolve the issue or settle the matter. Apart from that, a CySEC regulation means that TradeFW is also part of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). This means that the brokerage would be legally required to compensate its clients if it files for bankruptcy or is unable to continue operating in the market. This is certainly reassuring because you know you will not be left empty-handed if the broker decides to shut down and neither can your money be used to pay off their obligations.

What instruments are available at TradeFW?

After you have learned of the broker’s regulatory status, the next step should be to consider what instruments it has to offer to you for trading purposes. This is also a vital question, especially if you have a particular trading instrument you wish to trade. For instance, lots of traders nowadays want to trade cryptocurrencies, but not every broker can offer them to you. Similarly, some traders want to diversify their investment because they know it is the only way to counter the risk associated with trading. In this situation, you need to confirm that the broker has the right assets to help you diversify.

You need to make sure TradeFW offers you the assets you need, or else there is no point in bothering to look at anything else. You will come to know that this brokerage has added more than 170 CFDs (Contract for Difference) to its trading platform. This form of trading allows you to buy and sell contracts without actually having to buy or sell the assets underlying the said contracts. This can be quite convenient for traders. The good thing about this broker is that it offers you a horde of instruments to choose from and they come from different markets. These options include:

What account types does TradeFW provide?

Opening an account is part of the process of using a broker’s services. It is common for brokers, especially those that cater to different types of traders, to offer multiple account options to their clients. There is no set standard they follow for developing these accounts and so, the choices tend to vary, as do their features. TradeFW has also come up with their own account types for their traders and each one has been targeted towards a different audience. When you take a look at the options, you will find four account types that you can explore. Let’s take a look:

Which deposit and withdrawal methods does TradeFW support?

You have to invest some capital in the trading market in order to generate returns. The minimum amount that you can begin with at TradeFW is $250, but you can increase your investment as much as you like. The question is how can you add these funds to your trading account in order to start trading? To help their clients in doing so, the broker has added different payment options on their platform. Their goal is to provide traders with as much convenience as possible, and so, they have added various options to their platform.

When you wish to deposit money with the broker to start trading, you can use your credit or debit cards. TradeFW allows you to use your Visa, MasterCard or Maestro. You can also try WiroPay or Powercash, which includes Trustly and Sofort. The broker has followed all modern trends and so, they have also added e-wallet options on their platform, such as Neteller and Skrill. Apart from that, you can use some traditional options like bank wire transfer or SEPA, depending on what seems easy to you.

The broker itself does not have any charges associated with deposits, but the payment processor involved, such as banks, may have their own charges that you will have to bear. Deposits are usually made instantly, but it can also vary, depending on the method you opt for. The same payment solutions are also provided in the case of withdrawal and you can easily submit a request to the broker to get your transaction processed. The time taken for this to happen can depend on your chosen method.

You can make your deposits or withdrawals on TradeFW in three currencies; Euro, GBP or USD. If you are using any other currency, it will be converted into any of the three and conversion charges might be applicable. The minimum withdrawal amount and commissions charged on withdrawal are also different for every method and you can find all relevant information available on the broker’s website, since they have been very open and upfront about it.

What trading platform has TradeFW added?

Perhaps, one of the most notable questions that you need to ask about any broker is relating to their trading platform. This is the software used for trading and it can determine what kind of experience you will have with a brokerage. If the trading platform is too difficult to use, you will not be able to trade properly and this can lead to frustration. Likewise, if the platform doesn’t have proper tools, you may not be able to make good decisions, which can be infuriating and annoying because you definitely don’t want to incur any losses. When you take a look at what kind of platform TradeFW provides, you will come to know that the broker has not developed their own platform.

Rather than going down this route, they have opted to provide their clients with the MetaTrader 4 set of trading platforms, since they are a favorite of most traders and can offer a good experience to every client. There are different types of MT4 platforms available in the set and these are:

How secure is TradeFW?

Considering the number of cyberattacks that are taking place nowadays, security has become very important for everyone and even more so, for traders. After all, your personal and sensitive information has to be shared with someone else and you also have to trust them with your money. Consequently, you want to make sure that they have taken your security seriously. TradeFW doesn’t disappoint in this regard because it has taken steps to mitigate the risk of a cyber breach.

The broker has used 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on their website, which means that all data shared, along with any communication is encrypted straight off. No third-parties or cybercriminals can misuse your data in any way. As far as your money is concerned, you don’t have to worry because TradeFW is a regulated broker. Along with the ICF mentioned above, the broker is also required to follow rules of account segregation. This means that the broker has to keep its own accounts separate from the company’s, which keeps them safe from any misappropriation. Your funds are yours alone and can only be used for trading and nothing else. As far as where is concerned, they have opted for the best European banks to prevent funds from being stolen or lose.

The Answer

Now that you have asked relevant questions, it is time for you to find out the answer to the most important question; can TradeFW be trusted? Considering that it is a regulated broker and offers you a variety of assets, the best range of trading platforms and a secure environment, it is a dependable broker for your trading success.


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