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Ido Fishman Describes How You Can Stop the Aging Factor and Look Younger for a Long Time

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 30, 2020  9:45 AM ET

Getting old is a natural phenomenon. The reality is that whether you want it or not, it will happen to you eventually. It is not something which can be stopped. It will cause wrinkles to appear prominently on your face and your hair will turn grey. Mankind has gone to moon and is looking to go beyond. We can see things through microscopes which we cannot with our naked eyes. We have dug up ocean bed in search of oil and pierced through high rise mountains to carve out roads and mine gold and gems. We have molded nature for the fulfillment of our desires.

Yet the whole humanity is helpless against the process of aging. But there is one thing we can do to reduce the aging process which has been explained beautifully by Ido Fishman – a famous name among food industry, whose contributions cannot be compared with none.

Natural vs. Nature

Ido Fishman explains that while nobody can stop aging process but what one can do is reorganize his diet because diet is the one thing alone which is a great source of reducing the aging effect to complete its process. He tells us that it is scientifically proven that certain food which we eat can ensure that we aged better and longer both, within and outside, our bodies. Let us look at the food chart suggested by Ido Fishman which can help reduce the aging factor.

·         Green Tea

The first thing suggested by Ido Fishman is Green Tea. According to him, Green Tea contains high amount of antioxidants which are great source of keeping intact free radicals. Free radicals are molecules which increases when a person is stressed. However, antioxidants are a great antidote against free radicals and keep them in order. Above all it reduces the aging factor.

·         Vegetables

We are all aware that vegetables carry less calories and also contain antioxidants which provides protection against diseases such as cancer and heart problems. They also contain huge amount of carotenoids which are helpful against free radicals otherwise free radicals can quickly show signs of aging on our skins. Ido Fishman recommends increase use of carrots and potatoes.

Interestingly vegetables are enriched in Vitamin C which is yet another great source of fighting against aging factor and keep skin glowing and refreshing. Some of the vegetables to include in diet are spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, leafy greens and bell peppers.

·         Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is scientifically proven that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is amongst one of the great source of providing much needed fats to a human body. Various researches have been conducted on it which concludes that it protects against aging factor and various diseases relating to skin and aging can be prevented through the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In addition it contains a fair amount of monounsaturated fats. These fats are natural source of providing firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Similarly it is proven from various studies which show that those old aged people who used high amount of monounsaturated fats gained through Extra Virgin Olive Oil acquired great protection against sunburn and heatstroke.

·         Fatty Fish

There is no doubt that the use of fatty fish twice in your weekly diet is a great source of stopping aging. Fatty fish (which are also known as oily fish because they contain high amount of oil in their tissues) include fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, lake trout etc. Because these fish are enriched with Omega-3s therefore they are great source of keeping your heart and brain in healthy shape. Omega-3s is also good antidote against inflammation.

Salmon fish is famous around the world for its taste and benefits which also include helping the skin look younger for longer period of time. There yet another component available in Salmon which is known as astaxanthin which is a two-purpose component. Primarily this content develops elasticity in human skin as well as keeps a person hydrated all day long.

·         Fruits

Again it is scientifically proven that the fruits enriched with citrus are a great source of acquiring Vitamin C which is essential for boosting our immunity systems and gives protection against various diseases as well as common illnesses during the months of winters.

For example it is proven that Pomegranates is the healthiest fruit available on earth. It contains vast amount of antioxidants which are even higher than the ones found in Green Tea. These antioxidants protect against inflammation and those who are suffering from high blood sugar levels can get great relief if they intake the components available in Pomegranates. Various researches also show that when cancer patients were asked to intake Pomegranates, signs of great improvements were visible in patients who were suffering from colon cancers.

While adding more benefits about Pomegranates, Ido Fishman also explains that when a person eats the fruit, multiple parts of it start healing the damaged skin and subsequently allow collagen production.

·         Avocados

Fiber and much needed ingredients to fight off heart diseases are available in high volume in Avocados. They are also great source of providing unique compounds such as polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols. Again these compounds give great protection against inflammation as well as the repaired DNAs in our body are repaired though them.

Additional protection to human skin is also provided through compounds such as zeaxanthin and antioxidants, which too are contained in Avocados.

·         Spices

Believe it or not spices too can be really helpful in stopping aging factor. For some they cannot bear them while others cannot resist without them. Yet the fact is that various scientific researches have been conducted over the years which show that some spices are great source of keeping a human skin healthy, glowing and younger. For example Cinnamon, which is mostly used for aromatic condiment, is a great source of boosting collagen production which in turn stop aging factor and helps in skin firmness.

Interestingly there are researches also which show that red chili peppers provide great protection against changes relating to age that are associated with skin cells.

Final Thoughts

In the end Ido Fishman suggests that you can prolong the aging process if you add the explained diet chart in your diet. However, he says that apart from these foods one can also ensure that he can last younger, if he do a little bit of exercises on daily basis. Exercise help our bodies remain in shape, healthy as well as provides firmness and elasticity to our skins.


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