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Ten Short Story Hacks which can Enhance Your Skills in Creative Writing

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 27, 2020  12:19 PM ET

Creative writing slightly differs from other forms of writing and for short stories, it requires the author to begin writing from an almost near climax position as possible. What it means entails starting the book with a tone-setting scene for the entire book or novel in as much as the novel can take a meandering path.

A short story should conserve scenes and characters by typically concentrating on a single conflict then drive towards an unexpected and sudden revelation. You have to go easy when it comes to talky backstory and exposition as your audience doesn’t have to understand everything you already know concerning your characters. Sometimes, I’ve been asking myself: “how to correct my essay”. Therefore, some tips can make the writing a paper better.

Creative Writing Guidelines 

It forms a defining and the most dramatic and exciting moment of the story. A crisis can involve recognition, a resolution, or a decision. Where the character comprehends the need to do something or understands something the protagonist was previously ignorant of, or when normalcy turns.


Short stories can prove exciting and fulfilling not only to readers but to you as the writer as well. Just remember to adhere to these simple hacks to write it effectively and fast.


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