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Dry fruit box for Festivals

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 27, 2020  6:30 AM ET

Get a customized dry fruit box for your loved one at festivities. May it be Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Holi,  Janmashtami. Order from us the top quality dry fruits with highly decorated beautiful dry fruit boxes.

Dry fruit box for Christmas:

Christmas falls in winters and nowadays winters are extremely cold. Keep up your body warmth with our delicious, highly organic dry fruits. You can give the dry fruit box to your relatives, neighbours, and your friends. Keep it by your highly decorated Christmas tree. We can provide you with the box in combination or contrast with the decorations you have put on your Christmas Xmas pine.

Dry fruit box for Diwali:

Celebrate the festival of lights with sound health and a fresh mind. We care for your well-being. Gift your loved ones with our dry fruit boxes for Diwali. You can have a tray-box on which you can decorate diyas. Or you can simply put diyas around the box and give it to someone.  I have seen many placing the pot-shaped dry fruit box in mid and around it little diyas and chocolates. This looks great keeping modernism as well as tradition in mind.

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Dry fruit Box for Eid:

Bless everyone with love and spread joy among all. This eid other than presenting rasgullas to others, gift them the Dry Fruit box of our store. You both(the giver and the giftee) won’t regret it. Buy fresh and delicious tasting fruits that come with the box from us and spill the happiness all around. Present to your every guest and stay fit, making your friends and family stay fit.

Dry fruit box decorative ideas:

Dry fruit boxes don’t need any decoration though. But

Dry Fruit Box Wooden

Dry fruit boxes are available with different materials. One of the most preferred boxes is wood-based. Now, this has types too. Dry fruit boxes in walnut wood are available and have the most hype. This is the best type to present to your loved ones as walnuts signify royalty. Different designs are available,  yet the colour is wooden only as walnuts can only be polished. The wood quality is extremely good. The box is durable and may or may not have designs on it. It can be a little bit more costly than the other types. Even the cost may vary between its category too, depending upon how designed the box is.

Wooden boxes may be made of teak or pine wood as well. Some stores sell cardboard in the name of wooden boxes. Remember cardboard is thin and wood is thick.  Also, cardboard can be painted with any colour anyhow. This is hard for wood and needs the material to be highly polished. That again raises the price.

You can have zig-zag patterns, wavy patterns, rhombus patterns, simple cross patterns, carved flower patterns.

You can have wooden dry fruit bowls as well in place of the box. These are equally eye-catching.

Thus we have a huge collection of sets you would like to purchase.

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Dry Fruit Box Steel:

Dishware is evolving. According to different world cultures, different heavy metals were used for supper purposes, or in some cases wood in. later ceramics came. But what variety of dominates which place still depends on culture largely. Now see Chinese eat-in ceramic bowls, Japanese preferred wood, south Indians eat on banana leaves mostly, Kashmiri’s eat/ate in copper vessels, while Delhi and other areas prefer steel or dishware plastic. The reason is simple durability.

Steel provides durability. Steel is strong and unbreakable. It doesn’t develop dents even and doesn’t lose its shine as well.

Dry fruits boxes are steel made as well.

Purchase any type of the box and we ensure you the product quality of both dry fruits as well as the box.

Dry Fruit Box Copper:

According to me, copper-based dry fruit boxes are the most elegant and above all. They are highly graceful. Copper may be heavy to hold but it looks classically fashionable any times you hold it. Dry fruit boxes made of copper like other categories will have different patterns and designs.

Dry Fruit Box in silver:

Silver dry fruit boxes are a little costly. And why shouldn’t they be? They are made from one of the noble metals. Mostly dry fruit boxes in silver are purchased by brides for their weddings. Or you can gift it to one. These have beautiful heavy designs engraved on it. In this category we have

You can have this dry fruit box at home mandirs too.

Fancy Dry Fruit Box:

Get yourself a fancy, colourful dry fruit box with various designs. We present to you a wide collection of fancy dry fruit boxes with a clean finish. Designed by the finest craftsman with modern techniques and flamboyant patterns. With beauty, our fancy dry fruit boxes have durability as well. Fine quality boxes with alluring designs come with vibrant colours, shapes and sizes.  Exquisite finish with elegant designs.

Our fancy boxes are lightweight, attractive, and completely pay off from their price. They are trendy and have great looks and finish.

Make an order for one now.

Dry Fruit Wedding Box

Having dry fruits at weddings is traditional to many families of different cultures. Ludhiana weddings, Kashmiri weddings have this as an essential part to exchange dry fruits between the two marrying families.

In fact, at Kashmiri weddings, the groom’s mother takes a huge willow basket, well decorated, to her to-be daughters home. This basket is highly loaded with all sorts of dried fruits and nuts and is filled to the brim.

Likewise, you can purchase the dry fruit wedding box for the bride at her wedding too. You can decorate the box with net coverings with small plastic flowers and ribbons maybe. You can put chocolates and original rosebuds to decorate the box as well.

Gifting the bride a silver box full of dry fruits will be completely amazing.  If you are taking baskets rather than boxes, you can decorate the handle and the boundaries with maybe a combination of pink and blue flowers. You can hang bells, or maybe decorate it with peacock feathers as well.   You can hang wisteria flowers from the handles.

Or if you stick going with the box you can surround the decorated box with Mehandi for the bride and decoration lanterns or maybe flower vases. This will be miraculously creative and amazing.

Don’t think just try presenting something like this to her.


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