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NordVPN Review – Is it really worth the best VPN title?

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 24, 2020  4:58 AM ET

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is an absolute necessity in today’s time. It basically protects your online privacy. Without a secure VPN, your internet activity can be easily viewed by people who can track you in real- life through your IP address. You may leak out vital information like your banking details, browsing history, downloaded files, and passwords too.


But what happens when you are connected to a VPN, is that your internet activity is encrypted and your real Internet protocol address is masked. You, thus, cannot be traced and your online details are kept secure from hackers.

It’s like sending postcards and instead of sending a message that anyone can read, you have a fully encrypted private message that only you and the intended recipient can read. There is also no sender name or address on this postcard.

We are going to be checking out NordVPN, an absolute cracker of a VPN provider, here in this space so that you remain safe always.

What is NordVPN? 

NordVPN is a VPN that’s super quick and easy to install. After registering and making your payments, you launch it. You can safely ignore it thereafter as it does all the work in the background for you.

It allows you to surf the Net anonymously- whether you are on your email, playing a game, or doing whatever you do regularly.

NordVPN is based in Panama, where they don’t keep any logs so no one- including the government or the bad guys can find out the sites you visited.

NordVPN has a ton of servers which gives you a lot of flexibility. If you are traveling, for example, in France, you can still connect as if you are in the US.

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How Does NordVPN Work?

It encrypts all your online data and gives an extra layer of privacy so a third party can’t access data from your computer.


NordVPN: Salient Points

The VPN provider can encrypt your internet connection so that no one can see your IP address and access the logs. It protects your data and privacy, both.

NordVPN does all this and more because of the following big six-

There are many fly-by-night VPN services out there. They are not encrypting data and the logs may be also lying there for anyone to look into. NordVPN is not this. It gets the most sterling user reviews. It’s the genuine thing.

It’s a premium service at non-premium prices. It’s being made available at as much as 68 percent discount. This is a limited offer.

Why Choose NordVPN? 

It is the largest VPN server in the world. It gives you the luxury of picking among 5400 VPN servers globally.

It ensures a stable and fast connection wherever you may be traveling to.

As of today, NordVPN has-

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The Benefits Of NordVPN 


Pricing Of NordVPN  

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How Do I Use NordVPN?

This is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to be a cryptographer to use it. Just register, pay and you can set the VPN up.

Who Is NordVPN For?

It is for anyone really who wants to protect his or her online browsing history from prying eyes. It is perfect for you if you watch a lot of movies on the Net.

NordVPNIn Conclusion

NordVPN is custom-made for you and is very beneficial for services like movie streaming where the providers want to know are you based in this country or not before you can live stream or download the movie. NordVPN can completely take care of this and at the most amazing speeds of downloads right now.



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