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iCrowdNewswire Oct 24, 2020 10:52 AM ET

How to Write Review Essays: A Hands-on Guide

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 24, 2020

Writing a review essay has only one format. It has to provide an ardent reader with an overview of what the author talks about and highlight the significant points. Unfortunately, most people go ahead and do a review essay on their way, not following the set procedure.

Writing a review essay is not the same as writing a book report. The review must provide a critical discussion of the writing and must give an overview of everything. How is it done? This article will provide guidelines on how you can write a review essay in the recommended format. Follow until the end.

1. Choose the Best Books for Review

When writing a review essay, you have to choose the right book because some writings are better reviewed than others. Avoid edited copies since they may not bring the book’s exact message since contributors can highlight different materials – check the difference between authorship and contributorship. If you need to write a better review, choose sole-authored material. New books are much better than older books because the latter require special treatment to bring out the significance. It’s recommended to pick out books that aren’t over ten years old for a better review.

2. Follow the Pattern

When you are doing reviews, you need to follow the recommended pattern. Your review essay should have an introduction, followed by a summary of the book, a discussion of the book, and finally, the conclusion. If it doesn’t follow this procedure, your essay might be challenging to read and understand. The publication data needs to appear before the first line of the paper and after the title. According to writing experts from, these sections should be clear to the person writing the review and the targeted reader. You can skip lines between paragraphs to differentiate them. An experienced reviewer can jolt between summary and critique but must observe sections to create a review division. These sections have been explained fully in the next steps:

3. Mind your Writing Tone

Your writing should be clear to the person who will be reading your essay. You have to be mindful of the author and what you say in the review. Avoid being ambiguous as it might create confusion, especially when discussing crucial matters.

However, such does not apply when you summarize a book as you will only take the book’s tone and language or as per the requirements. You have to be mindful of the style you are using to write the essay as the reader will digest whatever you wrote about the book.

4. Check the Type of Review

Before writing down any essay review, you must know its type and do it according to the expectations. If it’s a new project or something unfamiliar, it will help if you look into published review essays as they will guide you on the same. Several published political science journals can help or give you a clue on how to write a specific or related review essay.

5. Standard Formatting Guidelines

Your review essay should follow the standard formatting guidelines to remain relevant. Some of these guidelines include having a 12-point font, double spacing on sentences, and having one-inch margins on each side. When your review has the standard formatting, it will look more professional than when it’s written without following the set guidelines.

Now you have it. If you would like to write a standard review essay, it’s advisable to follow the above guidelines to perfect your work. Writing services have become more popular than ever, and it’s time now we go by the rules to avoid spoiling the fun. We hope this guideline will help you a lot in coming up with a perfect review essay, especially if you are a beginner.


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