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HostPapa Review – Price, Features, Pros and Cons

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 24, 2020  5:26 AM ET

HostPapa is a small-time entity that has built its muscles over a short time to host more than half a million websites. These subscribers accumulated since 2006 when Jamie Opalchuck began the company in Ontario, Canada. Maybe their multi-language support offering has something to do with their attraction to so many subscribers over such a short time. Or perhaps it has to do with tailor-making their packages to suit individuals and small businesses. This review helps you make up your mind if the hosting service can cater to your needs.


Packages Overview

Are you looking for this company’s shared hosting service overview? Here’s a quick spread to give you what HostPapa offers you in its different packages.


You can host two websites You have limitless web hosting capabilities You can host unlimited websites.
You get free domain registration. You get free domain registration. Free domain registration
You have 100 GB space. You get limitless space. Unlimited space
You get all base services. You have all basic services. You have all basic services.
  You get advanced features. You get advanced features.
    You have performance improvements.
    You get security improvements.
Normal price is $7.99 per month. The normal price is $12.99 per month. Normal price is at $19.99 a month.
Discounted package at $3.95 per month Discount price at $3.95 per month Discount set at $12.95 a month


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The Basics

You get several services across the three packages that include: migrating your website for free, taking you through a 30-minute free tutorial, giving you access to Cloudflare CDN, 24/7 support, availability of cPanel control, access to a standard website builder, free SSL, free domain and domain registration with a year or more of hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and 30 days guarantee if you feel you don’t like the services.

Beyond this, you get free domain registration and a free domain to go with it when you pay for a year’s worth of hosting. You also get unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB of space in this package.

Business Package

Try this package when looking for more advanced features at the same price. You have the addition of dedicated MySQL servers, hosting, unlimited storage, addon domains, and related emails.

Business Pro Plan

You can get all the above features and other dedicated actions when you go for this particular package. You get high-speed, dedicated servers, an advanced website builder that gives you access to unlimited website pages, domain privacy, automatic backup, and a premium SSL wildcard.

HostPapa Benefits

You get these great benefits when you use HostPapa as your web hosting provider.

Once you have chosen whether to go for or remove the add ons you select the period you want to pay for and input your information and the payment method you wish to use.


Related Hosting Services

You get more than shared hosting from HostPapa. Email customization comes in handy in different packages from 1 GB to 5 GB in storage space. If you need private servers, do not fret, as this provider offers you five virtual private server packages. These options start as low as $50 up to $300, where you can host huge websites without concern of space or speed.

The hosting service gives you access to Google Suite apps like Docs and Excel that allow you to create and edit your documents in your site’s comfort without having to import documents all the time. You get the assurance that your information gets updated in real-time and won’t get lost as backup also happens in real-time.

Lastly, you can access a website builder that gives you the power to create your new website through the power of drag and drop. Here, you can create a 3-page website free, while the paid version gives you unlimited pages to place on your website. You have over 100 pre-done templates to add to your fledgling site to provide it with a spanking hot appeal.

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What of Refunds?

You can always ask for a refund if you feel you have gotten a raw deal out of your partnership with HostPapa. You can request a refund within 30 days of getting your package. Only note that you have to pay a setup fee of $29.95 when you opt out of the deal.


Where does the company have servers hosted in the world?

HostPapa has servers located in Ontario, Canada, and the US. It spreads its reach across the world, with offices in several other countries, and seems able to serve its clients from these two server locations.

What kind of discount coupons does the company have?

You can access up to 58% on the discount the company has currently available.

Can I get coverage in Europe?

HostPapa lauds itself on giving worldwide support to all its clients.

Where does HostPapa have its servers hosted?

The company has server locations in both Canada and the US.



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Customer Testimonials

“I had struggled to keep happy clients from when I started. I didn’t think I could get constant uptime on any hosting company as I strained with everyone I tried. I realized the clients I lost went to someplace, where they settled. I decided to follow up on some clients I had lost and asked who they had fared better with. I found three clients who told me of a webmaster who I knew. I called him up and had lunch with him.

He introduced me to HostPapa with huge recommendations telling me he had never lost any client from when he started using it. I decided to try it for a few days and see if it could dazzle me. It impressed me. I have not had a complaint from any other client so far and have even gotten more clients as we speak.” Bill Creek.

“I thought web hosting held the disappointments of downtime and slow speeds as a norm. As a website owner of a small business I didn’t have enough capital to go for the big dogs. I ended up trying to get a good hosting service that could offer me the best at the least price. I found HostPapa per chance and the numbers it carries impressed me. I tried it for half a month and was duly impressed. Not once did I get downtime that whole time. I decided to just go all out and have not gotten disappointed ever since.” Brian Ranger.

“I found the hosting partner I was looking for all along in HostPapa. It keeps me live come rain come shine. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.” 


If you have been shopping around for a hosting service that delivers top-notch service with everything in the hosting industry, HostPapa might not give you everything out there. You can find such offerings with the industry’s top dogs, but expect to pay top dollar for these premium services. But if shopping for a service that delivers excellent small business hosting offerings, then you have found a perfect match for your needs and pocket.



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