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How Coronavirus Changed the Shopping Habits of the American Shopper

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 19, 2020  5:21 AM ET

When coronavirus first hit the shore of America back in January, we had little idea just how much this microscopic virus would upheave the world in general, and our lives in particular. Now, as we look back seven months later, we see just how much our lives have changed, as we try to adapt to a new normal, even as the virus lurks in the background.

Shopping plays a big role in the daily life of the typical American. Whether it is done as a leisure activity, or out of necessity, shopping is a huge part of our lives. With brick and mortar stores closing shop and people scared to leave their houses, things began to change. Traditional in-store shopping quickly moved online with small shops building websites literally overnight to keep their businesses afloat. Others, due to the nature of their business weren’t so lucky and had to close up shop for time being, until the dangers of the virus pass.

Stores that always had an online presence saw a surge in traffic, and as a result business skyrocketed in just a short time period. Especially for those in the medical supply industry, as well as the nursing scrub line, business couldn’t be better. There has been a 70% increase in internet usage, as those who would normally shop in a store are now doing their shopping online.

The question is, once the virus is gone will things revert to the pre-coronavirus days?

Experts say that there will be a permanent shift in the shopping habits of the typical American. Once customers get a taste of the convenience and ease of online shopping there will be no going back. Online shopping saves you time, money and is just so much simpler than having to head out to the store. Although you can’t replace the experience of actually touching the products and viewing them in real life prior to purchasing them, the benefits of purchasing them online in these circumstances is great.

We hope that stores will soon be able to be open and filled to full capacity, but until that time we can continue to enjoy the online shopping experience, and even continue to enjoy afterward too!


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