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Boiler Rentals: Things to Know Before Renting a Boiler

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 19, 2020  5:45 AM ET

A boiler is a vital fixture for any company. You can either buy a boiler or rent one, especially if you do not have the money to purchase one for your use. The decision rests upon you and depends upon your needs and financial capabilities.

Boiler professionals usually recommend renting an industrial boiler. However, renting a boiler can come with issues. Hence, you must do your research before renting a commercial boiler.

Why Rent a Boiler?

Renting a commercial boiler can give you a temporary solution to meet your water heating, central heating, and other heating demands. Companies usually have different needs for using a boiler. However, the following are the four usual reasons why many opt for renting instead of buying.

1. For Emergencies

Boilers are essential equipment in providing heat and steam inside buildings and facilities. However, the inevitably of malfunctions during operations are always present. Emergencies can happen every day in the boiler room, even if companies conduct routine maintenance. These emergencies can include a small crack in the boiler or a complete failure in the boiler’s function.

Thus, if these malfunctions happen, renting a boiler is the solution. Contact the services of boiler rentals immediately. They can quickly hook up the boilers in just a matter of days, or even hours. While repair is being done on the boiler that malfunctioned, you can temporarily use the one you rented.

2. Demands During Peak Season

There are times that your operations are on its peak seasons, such as business growth, seasonal change, or production changes. During these times, there is an increase in demand for the heat your boiler produces.

Your current boilers might not be enough to carry on this demand. Thus, renting a boiler is your best solution. Adding a temporary boiler can support your operations during peak season. Renting is beneficial because you won’t have to buy a new boiler you won’t use during the off-season.

3. Maintenance of other Boilers

Aside from emergencies, your boilers will have to be shut off for their routine maintenance. During this time, cleaners bring out the boilers for a thorough clean-up. This time is the best time to rent a boiler to continue with your operations.

4. Financial restrictions

A boiler comes with a hefty price tag, and finding the budget for buying a boiler can take up some time. While you are looking for the money to buy a boiler, you can rent one, so you can start your operations.

Types of Rental Boilers

Portable Boiler Rooms

Portable boiler rooms are a type of rental boilers that come with full features. It has all the necessary components for conducting high-capacity steam and hot water services needed for operations. This boiler has feed water, burner, storage, pump, treatment, and electrical switchgear. It is easier to hook up because all connections are on the outer part of the boiler.

Trailer Mounted Boilers

A trailer-mounted boiler can be beneficial since you don’t have to worry about loading and unloading the boiler. It can also be easily transported because it comes within a trailer. You will save a lot of time and money during its installation and transportation.

Boiler In a Box

The boiler in a box is a boiler inside a container. If you have a sufficient feedwater system, then renting a boiler in a box will work well with you. It will self-modulate with the feedwater valve included in the boiler.

This boiler is ideal for operations on sites that only need minimal equipment. Since there are only a few requirements for equipment, the boiler unit can be easily installed. This type of boiler also produces fewer carbon footprints compared to others.

Skid-mounted Boilers

Skid-mounted boilers are the most flexible and portable boilers you can rent. It is efficient for small-scale operations that only require small heating needs. They are mobile, which makes it easy to move around with, and also comes fully packaged.

Boiler Maintenance

A boiler is one of the most expensive equipment your company has, even if it’s rented. It is critical to observe proper care and maintenance so the boiler can avoid malfunctions. Not only do you need the boiler to last a long time, but it also has to work efficiently. If you do not take care of it, problems might surface during operations.

Boiler renters have the responsibility to take care of the boiler they rent. Heating and boiler systems are crucial, especially during the winter and peak seasons. Boilers should be able to work safely and efficiently use energy. Thus, there is a need for strict and regular maintenance.

Regular cleaning of a boiler’s interior is essential for it to function without a hitch. Keep a record of the gas temperature, fuel consumption, and water temperature, since it can indicate critical issues within your boiler. Keep a schedule of boiler inspections and ensure that the boiler functions as it should.


Having a boiler in the establishment can help you in your business operations, especially if you need heat and steam. Rental boiler units will give you the energy you need without having to commit to purchasing a boiler of your own. Reach out to a boiler rental company if you are in need of assistance and accommodation regarding your boiler needs.


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