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Oct 16, 2020 4:20 PM ET

Upgrades That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 16, 2020

Traditional upgrades like new floors or granite countertops are to be expected, and it’s likely that most homes on the market also have any you’re considering. To really boost the value of your property and earn a sizeable profit from its sale, you’ll have to think bigger. Turning a middle-class property into a luxury home is feasible without making it inaccessible to your neighborhood’s buyer’s market, too. These are upgrades you might consider installing that are unexpectedly delightful and enticing to potential buyers.

An Elevator

Home elevators seem to be something reserved solely for mansions and sprawling estates, but this isn’t the case. Elevators provide an added sense of safety and convenience for everyone, especially children and seniors. It can also connect parts of the home that may not be as readily accessible, improving the overall flow of the layout. To get started, you can start researching what are different types of home elevators and how much does a Stiltz Elevator cost. Stiltz is one of the leading providers of residential elevators in the United States; they provide a variety of products to improve your home’s aesthetic and functionality.

A Jet Tub

A bathroom that feels like a spa can be a major selling point, and it’s easy to upgrade yours even if it isn’t a particularly large space. Whirlpool tubs range from standard to walk-in models. The jets provide therapeutic massages, and new technology cleans and sanitizes the tub after each use. You may also decide to pair your updated tub with new handles and fixtures throughout the bathroom, including a water-conserving shower head.

Window Treatments

Blackout and light-filtering shades come in a variety of textures, colors and sizes and can make your home feel immediately more relaxing and inviting. Natural light is always a plus, but it can also be a deterrent as too much light can damage furniture and even make it difficult to fall asleep. Luxury shades with remote controls or voice activation can be installed in the most used parts of the home for an affordable price; roller shades and light-filtering models can also help lower utility costs, making them a prime selling point for eco-conscious buyers.

Updated Light Fixtures

Invest in recessed lighting, mood lighting and ambient lights throughout the home. These are a cost-effective way to add a high-end feel to your home, especially if you opt for luxe designs like brushed metallic finishes. The effects of lighting span far beyond aesthetics, too; good lighting sets the backdrop for everything we do in our homes. Dimmable features, warm hues and broad spectrums with a wide range of customization controls add versatility to any space.


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