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Oct 15, 2020 9:18 AM ET

Biopharmaceutical Executive Carsten Thiel Provides Assistance to Children and Families Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic with Donation to Children’s Aid

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iCrowd Newswire - Oct 15, 2020

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2020 — Carsten Thiel, an international biotech/pharmaceutical expert and proponent of childhood education and welfare, is giving back to the community of New York City with a donation to the coronavirus relief fund of Children’s Aid.

Children’s Aid is one of the oldest and largest children’s nonprofits in the United States. Founded in 1853 at a time when the only social services available for the poor and homeless children of New York City were orphan asylums and almshouses, Children’s Aid has continuously evolved over the past 67 years to meet the changing needs of children, youth, and their families. 

Today, Children’s Aid helps tens of thousands of disadvantaged New York City children succeed annually, by providing comprehensive services of adoption and foster care, after-school and weekend programs, arts, camps, early childhood education, events, family support, medical, mental health, and dental, juvenile justice, legal advocacy, special initiatives, sports and recreation, and youth development programs.

With the onset of the novel coronavirus this year, New York City’s children living in poverty now face new challenges while continuing to grapple with hunger, homelessness, and financial hardship. Children’s Aid is on the front lines in New York City responding to the coronavirus pandemic, whether that is through testing symptomatic patients for Covid-19 at their health clinics or providing stability and support through their foster care staff to families in transition. 

With donations like Thiel’s to their coronavirus relief fund, Children’s Aid is distributing food boxes to hungry children and helping advocate for families at risk for homelessness. They are offering supplemental instruction, tutoring, academic enrichment as well as thorough cleaning services to schools in need, and providing children with limited health care access with Covid-19 testing via their health clinics and remote mental health counseling to aid in dealing with anxiety and stress. 

I am heartbroken for the many people who are affected by Covid-19, and want to thank all of the volunteers and employees of Children’s Aid working to meet the basic needs of our most vulnerable community members,” said Thiel. 

About Carsten Thiel 

Carsten Thiel is the president of European commercialization efforts at EUSA Pharma, a global pharmaceutical company specializing in oncology and rare diseases. Over the course of his twenty five years within the industry, Thiel has worked for some of the biggest names in pharmaceuticals across the globe. However, as he advanced through his career he sought positions in increasingly smaller and more niche companies in order to fulfill his desire to help those most in need. Rejecting the idea that working in the pharmaceutical industry must mean negating ethics in favor of profits, he has made patient-first care the cornerstone of his professional trajectory. Thiel has a doctoral degree in molecular biology from Max Planck Society’s Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and has been involved in innumerable pharmaceutical and biotechnological advancements in his decade-spanning career.


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