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Oct 15, 2020 11:44 AM ET

Allied Corp. Obtains Approval to Sell From the Colombian Institute of Agriculture (ICA)

Allied Corp. Obtains

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 15, 2020

Allied Corp. , an international medical cannabis company focused on creating and providing targeted cannabinoid health solutions to address today’s medical issues, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Allied Colombia SAS (formerly known as Medicolombias Cannabis S.A.S) has received approval from the Colombian Institute of Agriculture (“ICA”) for the cultivation and commercialization of all ten (10) of Allied’s proprietary strains submitted within it’s first seed evaluation process. ICA’s approval includes all ten (10) strains that were submitted. Nine (9) non-psychoactive (<1% THC) and one (1) psychoactive (>1% THC) cannabis strains.  

This approval enables Allied to now process and sell its Colombian non-psychoactive production and request a quota for the sale of its psychoactive production.

This has been a year-long process that began with the registration of the ten (10) novel Allied strains with the national cultivar registry. Each strain was then germinated into plantlets in Allied’s scientific cultivation center in Colombia. Following germination, the plants entered into five (5) months of field trials that included rigorous data collection, analysis and phenotyping of the strains while in the vegetation life cycle. During this time, the strains were provided with propriety nutrients, handled with standard operating procedures and guided towards the plant flowering phase. Proprietary nutrients and procedures were also adhered to during the flowering phase and detailed batch record audit data were diligently collected during every day of the plant life cycle. Following the flowering phase, the plants were harvested and tested for cannabinoid profiles and quality assurance testing parameters. The harvested material was then sent to several approved testing laboratories and tested by high performance liquid chromatography testing methods. Testing was completed in several labs for validation of the results regarding the accuracy of the cannabinoid profiles.

The lab results showed a higher cannabinoid profile from being grown in the Colombian climate when compared to similar genotypes of strains grown in North American climate. These lab results, batch records and procedural archives, were submitted to the Colombian Institute of Agriculture and a day-long presentation was provided by Allied’s team.

As a result of this thorough process, Allied received approval for all ten novel strains from the technical directorate of ICA, representing a diverse range of chemotypes with novel cannabinoid profiles.

Allied’s production approach is designed according to the European Pharmacopeia and Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP) standards. These standards meet South American, European, US and Canadian quality assurance standards for production of commercialization of cannabis.

In parallel, Allied is currently undergoing another seed evaluation in order to include additional psychoactive strains to our portfolio. We expect to have the results of this process by the end of the year.

“Gaining the ability to sell is a major milestone for the Company,” said Calum Hughes, CEO. “I am very proud of the production team with this achievement. The cannabinoid profiles that we found in the plants have not been found in other climates. It just makes sense that other agricultural products such as coffee, fresh cut flowers or fruits respond very well to the Colombian climate, so why not cannabis? With this approval, we now have a clear path towards revenue generation through commercialization of our products.”

For more information on ICA, visit Colombian Institute of Agriculture

ICA is the Colombian government entity in charge of the prevention, surveillance, and control of sanitary, biological and chemical risks in the agricultural, fisheries, and aquaculture sector. Its mission is to protect the health of people, animals, and plants and ensure high-quality trade conditions.

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About Allied Corp.
Allied Corp. is an international medical cannabis production company with a mission to address today’s medical issues by researching, creating and producing targeted cannabinoid health solutions. Allied Corp. uses an evidence-informed scientific approach to make this mission possible, through cutting-edge pharmaceutical research and development, innovative plant-based production and unique development of therapeutic products.

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