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Oct 12, 2020 2:14 PM ET

Which is Better: Combi, System or Conventional Boilers?

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 12, 2020

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Are you planning on installing a central heating system in your house? Or do you want to change the system installed for a better one? Whatever the reason is, you should be well informed before choosing what system you should go for.

Central heating systems have three different types. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing all of these will help you choose which is suitable for your home. Selecting a system that is suitable for your needs is essential, and a mistake will result in high energy consumption or inadequate heating supply.

Below are the comparisons of these three types of boiler:

Combi Boiler

With its compact design, a combi boiler is perfect for small homes. It is the most popular option for many households due to its space-saving feature. Combi is a short term for a combination boiler because it is a combination of water heater and heating system.

Aside from its size, combi boilers are also energy efficient and have low operational costs. It is because this system directly heats the water from the main source and does not need water cylinders or cold water storage tanks.

In terms of pressure, combi boilers provide good and steady water pressure. Using your shower won’t be a problem despite its small design. It is also quick and easy to install. Opting for combi boilers will help save money on the installation cost as well as the water and electricity bills

One of the disadvantages is that you cannot use more than one shower at the same time. That is why it is not suitable for a big household with more than one bathroom. It is also not suitable for all shower types, especially power showers. The pressure from the combi boiler can not sustain these types of showers.

When your combi boiler breaks, there is no backup to use as a temporary substitute to provide you a heating system. In times like these, you will end up with no heat supply all over your house while your boiler is under repair.

System Boiler

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System boilers work the same as conventional boilers. It is composed of an expansion vessel and a pressure release valve. This system also requires a storage tank to store the heated water. It is also suitable for small homes that do not have extra space.

A system boiler is very straightforward to install. All the necessary parts needed for a heating system are already built in the system. And because it has a storage tank, you can use a shower or taps at the same time.

If you are a fan of renewable energy, this heating system will be your best choice. It is compatible with solar thermal systems where the sun’s energy is used to heat your water. It can help you to save money and also help save the environment.

Because of the water storage tanks where the heated water is stored, heat loss is unavoidable. The longer the hot water kept in the storage tank, the higher the heat loss. To avoid this, you have to install proper insulation, or the system will be useless.

This storage tank made the system boiler less compact compared to the combi boiler. The tank will eat up space in your property. Though it is also advised to use a system boiler to install in a small house, it is not the best option for them.

Conventional Boiler

A conventional boiler is the biggest of the three as it consists of the boiler itself, hot and cold water storage tanks, and the feed and expansion tank. It is the type of boiler system that larger homes with extensive household use opt for.

It can supply multiple taps and showers at once. Thanks to the water cylinder that stores water to provide for your heating system.

If you already have a boiler system installed, this is the best choice for you. It is because conventional boilers only need small changes in the pipework. Therefore, if you want to change your system, this would be the easiest option.

The option to install an immersion heater for backup in case of a breakdown is one of the pros of the conventional boiler. Immersion heaters can help you heat your water while your boiler is under repair.

Just like the system boiler, conventional boilers are also compatible with solar heating systems. Even if you have a big household, you can still save energy with this feature. Keep in mind that this boiler system is massive and will need a significant amount of energy to operate.

Conventional boilers need more money, more time, and more space compared to the other options. These factors should be taken into account before deciding to choose this option.

Any heater system that has storage tanks has the disadvantage of heat loss. That is why you should always include proper insulation to minimize this problem. It also has very complicated pipework that will flow above and under your house.

Before you buy or rent a boiler, you should have a proper visualization of what you want to install in your house. Weigh the options and assess your situation. Use the information provided to have a better outlook about these types of boiler.


Boilers are necessary, especially if you live in a cold country. It helps you and your family feel comfortable during the cold season. Choose the right boiler that will provide you a better supply of heat around your house.


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