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Oct 12, 2020 2:41 PM ET

The Perfect Varieties of Mango to Preserve

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 12, 2020

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Most people crave the sweetness of fruits due to their natural fructose, and among various types of fruits, mango is one of the most versatile.

It could be eaten green, ripe, a delicacy, or serve as a special dessert. Mangoes could go all way round, with its distinct flavors. Unfortunately, this fruit is a perishable one and heavily relies on the season when and where it is available. Methods of preservation can be applied to make it possible for the mango we love to be available for year-round season consumption.

And how do we preserve the fruit? If you’re thinking about the refrigerator, then you got it right. But for large distributors such as frozen mango distributers, the use of a freezer is more ideal for better capacity.

First things first, the mango is cut into a cube or in a lengthy way. Then the level of ripeness of the fruit is determined. If the mango is not ripe enough it will not have the expected sweetness. If the fruit is overripe, it will be sweet, but wait for it and it will have an appearance that looks unpleasant, as soon as the ice melts. Also, it will easily dissolve especially when mixed to liquid desserts.

The best way to determine the mango to preserve is the firmness with its light yellow color (depending on variety) ripeness. This is to ensure the quality of the preserved mango to taste likely as the fresh fruit. The freezing point or temperature must not be more than 32F.  This is necessary to balance the limits of the enzymatic breakdown of the fruit.

Varieties of Mangoes perfect to preserve

There are over hundreds of varieties of mangoes and all over the world. And each varies in flavor. Here are some of the best varieties:

Honey Mango

Also known as Ataulfo Mango, the mango is originally named after the Grower Ataulfo Morales Gordillo. But since it is often mispronounced, it is called honey mango instead. This variety of mango is found in Mexico and even protected under the Institute of Industrial property to conserve such variety. The flavor of the fruit is the combination of sweet and sour that’s just right on the palate.

Alphonso Mango

Alphonso Mango is the most exported mango from India and also one of the most expensive varieties of mango. The mango is named after Afonso de Alburquerque. The fruit mainly grows in Western India, and is well known for its sugary-sweet flavor.

Kesar Mango

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This variety is also one of the most exported mangoes from India, mainly cultivated in the Western part of the country. It is well known for its bright orange colored pulp, which was also given a geographical indication status in 2011. The flavor can be described with a light sweetness and sourness in it.

Sein ta Lone Mango

Also known as Diamond Mango, this can be considered as the best among many varieties of mango in Myanmar that is well known for its sweet aroma. This variety is sweet and extra juicy. The green mango also dines as a salad for the Burmese meal, which showcases different cuisines.

Chaunsa Mango

This mango is cultivated in Pakistan but also available in India. Chaunsa Mango, also known as Chausa, is the best in terms of rich aroma and is preferred by health-conscious consumers as it is packed with nutritional value and satisfactory sweetness.

Amrapali Mango

A hybrid variety of Dasheri mango and Neelum mango first introduced the year 1971. It was developed by Dr. Pijush Kanti Majumdar at the Indian Agriculture Research Institute in Delhi. The color of the outer layer is eye-catching, with a deep orange-red flesh. The variety is sweet with a 2.5-3.0 more B carotene content, compared to other commercial mangoes.

Carabao Mango

Lastly the variety of Mango that everyone craves. This mango is also known as the Philippine Mango. The mango is named after the Carabao, a native breed of domesticated water buffalo. The Carabao mango is well known as it was listed as the sweetest mango in the 1995 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. No wonder the country of Philippines National Fruit is Mango.


One way or another, regardless of the variety of the mango, it most likely played the role of putting color in the dining table as an appetizer or snack for some. Now the only challenge is to serve it on different occasions, especially that mangoes are only abundant during the summer season. In fact, we could say that food preservation plays a crucial role in satisfying the cravings of mango lovers all over the world. Perhaps, for some fruit lovers, not just mango, this will come in handy to avoid wasting fruits that may just rot and be thrown away.


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